AU Sans  X Reader Long OneShots

AU Sans X Reader Long OneShots

106K Reads 1.5K Votes 24 Part Story
Sans Sin By mylittlepinkamena222 Updated Apr 05

Just Sans X Reader
No Lemon
Cover by my homeslice tkdgirl222

I don't own any of the characters in these story
Don't kinkshame me I know your here for the same reason I wrote these >:) 
Also these are for girls but you can change the pronouns and the girly stuff to guy stuff I don't care.  @tkdgirl222 edits and helps write all of the stories.

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KillerDestroyer KillerDestroyer Oct 13, 2017
Can you please make a Virus Sans x reader but make Virus shy and the story SUPER cheesy please?
Nolifesoiread Nolifesoiread May 27, 2017
Read before I had an account and just want to say I loved these stories!
StreamKittyArtist StreamKittyArtist Apr 25, 2016
How about ink sans? He gets almost no love.... aaand... I have no ideas for the plot, it was just a thought
Minepearl Minepearl Mar 10, 2016
Here's some ideas 
                              Underfall sans x sweet and caring reader the reader try to help by trying to stop the beating from papyrus and got hurt while it happen 
                              Sans x x reader singing contests in sans house
-Akuma-- -Akuma-- Jun 03, 2016
Altertale Sans x Pacifist reader. 
                              Post pacifist, where sans and the reader are looking at stars in the evening on the surface.
RulerOfTrash RulerOfTrash Jul 11, 2016
Can you do a 
                              Storyshift sans x reader? I really haven't seen any you don't have to if you don't want to if dont know the au (wich I kinda doubt you dont )i can tell you about it. Don't really have a story line you can use your imagination