Saving Brownie [Billionaire Completed Story]✔

Saving Brownie [Billionaire Completed Story]✔

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01 in Humor [16-09-17] 
  Georgia Brooks, the notorious, troublesome tomboy is the caretaker of Clark Brown, the mysterious and cold man who is an undercover billionaire. Georgia's motive is to uncover him and just make him happy. 
  But what when secrets are revealed and the badass tomboy is close to tears? 
  Join them on this rocky road of adventures which includes their occasional fights and revenge, stolen kisses, trip to a circus, journey to England, landing in jail and much more!

* * * 

Excerpt from a chapter : 

His lips curled in disdain and just when he was about to unwrap the towel, I quickly turned around showing my back to him. What the fucking hell? What if I saw his thing? 

"Don't you care? Like honestly, couldn't you just order like your usual self to get the hell out of your bedroom or just . . . turn around for you to change? You could have at least warned me that you were freeing your willy, I would have closed my eyes!" I rambled and felt myself feeling all jittery again. 

He didn't reply and I could mentally picture him scoffing or rolling his pretty eyes. A part of me which never saw a grown man's buddy down there was curious as to how it looked. Was it really long and monstrous like a huge sausage they describe in erotic scenes? Was it soft like a banana or hard like a radish? Was is it like spring that when you poke it, it would go wagging like a dog's tail? 

A teeny little peek would do no harm . . .

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Rectilinear Rectilinear Mar 24
I like to make people happy and i do at the cost of my own image 😂😂
MerakiMeg MerakiMeg Sep 02, 2017
Who else nearly died while laughing at the excerpt from the chapter in the summary? I sure did.
dark-princes dark-princes Jun 25, 2016
That trailer though...I asdfghjkl 
                              My feels..... damination! Its perfect!
SomeNovelWriter SomeNovelWriter Aug 01, 2016
Good disclaimers, and cool trailer! There's always room for improvement, but you did a good job of mixing movie clips to tailor this trailer to your own story, so kudos. :)
belowsealevel belowsealevel Dec 27, 2016
I love your trailer, it's so good and really interesting. :)