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Redemption of Love (Jerza, Lyredy, Kinabra, & MacAno/MidJel)

Redemption of Love (Jerza, Lyredy, Kinabra, & MacAno/MidJel)

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TheEmeraldLegend By TheEmeraldLegend Updated Jun 21, 2016

What is love but a game? A mere chance of fate, a roll of the dice, and everything can be changed in a flash. Love can be complicated. Some people do terrible things, so they can't feel love. But, anyone can redeem themselves so that they will be able to. Jellal lost his mind, and can't return to the path of light with his childhood love. Meredy lost her stepmother, and can't forget her, no matter what. Cobra lost his eye, but he can still hear her voice. Sorano lost her sister, but still searches for her. Macbeth lost his father, but gained his freedom. Richard lost his brother, but still wishes to cross paths with him again. And, nobody really cares about Sawyer. Crime Sorciere wishes to redeem themselves by stopping those who walk in the dark. But, sometimes even vigilantes need some help. When an extremely powerful dark guild starts causing chaos, Crime Sorciere needs to all upon three other people to help them. And what a bunch they are.

He doesn't even believe that he can go on one job and not destroy anything
- - Jun 11, 2016
Uhhhhhhhhh Erza? The whole fandom is looking forward to that kiss...
DulcineaEdwyn DulcineaEdwyn Apr 27, 2016
'By we I mean Sorano' 
                              That just proves it, her sadistic level beats Minerva's by 9000 XD
- - Jun 11, 2016
Ugh!!! I want to have powers like those!!! But there would be consequences like what if you accidentally heard the thoughts of a pervert?
PotatoPants03 PotatoPants03 Apr 17, 2016
YAY awesome chapter can't wait for the next keep up the good work pal!!
MarissaMelody MarissaMelody Apr 22, 2016
                              POLKA DOT
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                              POLKA DOT!