My Scarlet Heart {A Fairy Tail Jerza Fan Fiction}

My Scarlet Heart {A Fairy Tail Jerza Fan Fiction}

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Riah Scarlet By Imagine_Catastrophe Updated Jan 28

[WARNING: Going through some major editing. Expect the cringe; it will be all over the chapters that aren't labeled as EDITED.]

Erza Scarlet.
An S-Class mage and the well known Titania on the number one guild in Fiore; Fairy Tail. Being on the list of the guild's future masters, she takes full responsibility on both being a wizard in aid of those in need and also takes liability on leading-or rather castigating-the rambunctious members of the guild. She is the light.

Jellal Fernandes.
An independent wizard of the independent guild; Crime Sorciere. As one of the most wanted fugitives in Fiore, he takes cautious steps as he moves in the shadows to purge what's in it to prevent any more innocent to be victimized by the darkness. Little did he know, he was also possessed by darkness himself. He is the dangerous darkness.

Two wizards with different worlds and with completely different leagues of magical energy. One that is the light while the other was the dangerous darkness.

What could have happened if these wizards cross paths once again?

What danger will the darkness bring to the light?

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Cakegirl_21 Cakegirl_21 Dec 24, 2016
I feel like Erza would just take the entire cake and eat it in one bite 😂😂
Imagine_Catastrophe Imagine_Catastrophe Aug 06, 2016
Nehhhh I just made up the age. I see her younger than 21 tho.
amazingfancool amazingfancool Dec 29, 2016
No it's 19 not counting the 7 year time skip, but in the anime they still call her 19 or something
sukiizukii sukiizukii Dec 04, 2016
Actually she is 19 in the anime but she shud be like 26 or 27 if she wasnt stuck on tenrou island for 7  years. I understand that u made up her name tho
Demon_Lord_Sachiko Demon_Lord_Sachiko Jun 08, 2016
I could see her just requip a sword and cut it down the middle and take a giant half of it and walk away people would stare at her or question her and she would say "Do you have a problem?" And glare at rhen
UT_Sans84 UT_Sans84 Jan 31, 2017
Who could it be from?????????
                              Idk XD 
                              Jellal most likely 😂