Seeking Forgiveness (Jellal x Reader)

Seeking Forgiveness (Jellal x Reader)

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Titania By TheFutureMrsDragneel Updated Oct 23

A Jellal x Reader story...
Jellal knows what he's done. It haunts his dreams. It's what he sees every time he closes his eyes. The pain he caused. Is still causing. He remembers the faces of every person that was at the tower of heaven. He vows to never forget them. 

Then he meets you. 

After years of torment and darkness you decided to never frown on another day again. You decided to embrace the light and spread it to others. Your latest mission is to help the disturbed Jellal find peace, even if he doesn't want your help.

So happy you enjoyed! This is a teaser until I finish my Laxus xreader story. Check it out while you wait!
Omg I love this story😍 please continue, also the details were amazing it out a picture in head. Keep up the good work