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Garnet X Reader

Garnet X Reader

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Abrabee By Crystal_Dork Completed

It was a bright, sunny morning in Beach City. The attention today was focused on two infants who happened to be born on the same day, of the same year, at the same time. (but you're older by 3 seconds)
"It's remarkable!!" some would say.
"It's a coincidence..." others would say.
However, it was a bit of both, nobody predicted how important their lives together would be.
Rose Quartz and Greg Universe, the proud parents of Steven Quartz Universe. Rose, was a gem warrior, fighting in wars that would last thousands of years. Greg, was a retired rock musician, who now worked at a local car wash in Beach City.
Greg wasn't aware that in order for Steven to live, Rose couldn't.
(Your mother's name) and (your father's name), the happy and proud parents of the beautiful child (y/n). 
(Y/m/n) was a very successful (mother's occupation).
(Y/f/n) was a (father's occupation)
Her parents had no idea about what their daughter's future would become.

SwiftShadow_15 SwiftShadow_15 Sep 25, 2016
Rose shouldn't be able to talk to Greg if Steven's been born. She'd be gone.
(Garnet): Your daughter is insane and has a death wish. 
                              (My parents): We know. 
                              (Mum): Just the other day she tried to stab the toaster with a fork!
Wolfgirl801 Wolfgirl801 Nov 15, 2016
Happy your on team mystic same with me imcluding my best friend, he was happy when I told him that
Petalwolf Petalwolf Jan 11
I love how reader-chans mum is super successful and our dad is just like yeah whatever xD
Petalwolf Petalwolf Jan 11
garnet: I love ur child
                              Mum and Dad: wtf man she is 2 years old o-o