The Soul Traveler

The Soul Traveler

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Lidy By LidyWilks Updated Jan 01, 2018

Kyna Lynn James always dreamed of a better life for herself than the one she has. And she aims to make it a reality by working hard in school and applying to scholarships so she can get the hell out of the Bronx. But until then she deals by escaping reality through her dreams where she goes on amazing, fantasy adventures. But she never thought her life would become the fantasy, when her latest dream has her stranded in another world. And her body back on Earth hijacked by the worse of the worst of criminals. To get her body back she must work together with Nica, the catcher tasked in apprehending 'her.' The hunt is on but can Kyna trust and work together with him long enough to get their man? Or before she becomes NYPD's Most Wanted?

Tagline: Be careful what you dream for.

thanks goes to olga_godim for the cover

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