Last chapter Kyna's thwarted from getting her brother out of the club before shit go down due to hesitation and the appearance of one of his no good so called friends.

With plan distract, lure lackeys away and corner Bellart out the window, it's time for plan B. Make shit up and hope Nica will be there in time when shit goes down.

Oh shit.

What should she do?

Drake glanced back at her and shrugged. "Don't know who the fuck she is. She just grabbed there then stood there looking stupid."

Why that sonvua...She only stood there because she hadn't given a thought to what to say to him exactly. To gain his trust.

"Who you? What you want with our money man?" He asked as he sidestepped her brother to peer closer at her.

For the life of her she didn't know how to answer his questions. Not like she can say 'oh, I'm his big sister and I've come to capture a multi-dimensional escaped prisoner who's stolen my body.' That's the kind of thing that'll put you away in a padded room or so medicated you stop being you.

Thankfully, her brother unwittingly saved her from answering when he yanked on his friend's shoulder demanding his attention.

"Yo man. I've come for my sister."

"Man, I haven't seen your sister," said Ossie, rolling his eyes as if he couldn't be bothered.. Momentarily distracted from her, he stepped up into her brother's space, raised his arm -and for a moment Kyna thought he was going to hit him- and wrapped it around Drake's shoulder. Giving him an affectionate shake like a big brother would to placate his little brother out of whatever mood he was in.

Kyna knew there was no way Ossie felt anything more for her brother than boss and lackey. But seeing them like that hurt. Drake was tall for his age so they both stood nearly head to head. If no one knew or fet the undercurrent tension between the to they would've thought Ossie and Drake were siblings with more than likely sharing one parent between them. Or were cousins.

Kyna remembered she was often confused as being the younger sister when it was the other way around. There were also times they were mistaken as fraternal twins.

Her brother didn't appreciate being treated as if he was stupid. He threw Ossie's arms off his shoulder. Ossie's eyes immediately turned hard and cold. Drake didn't notice or didn't care. He stepped up to Ossie, closing the space between them until they were face to face.

Kyna stayed rooted to the spot unsure what her next step should be. She fidgeted from one foot to the other, her eyes glancing back to the entrance she and Nica went through. She had to do something and quick.

Drake wasn't known for having a hold on his temper. His temper, usually so close to the surface, would easily erupt at the tiniest infraction. Like as she feared happened next.

In a voice edged with all the hurt he'll unleash on Drake if he continued further in disrespecting him Ossie told him in a clipped tone, "Jus' cuz yur sista gone crazy don't mean-"

His face twisted in fury as his arms shot out and grabbed Ossie by the collar of his tee. It happened so quick there was no way she could've prevented it. Besides it was usually best not to jump straight into a fight. Kyna looked around desperately searching for someone, anyone, like a bouncer or the bartender to break it up. Instead all she saw were people on the the fringe of the dance floor and around the bar whipping out their phones to capture the fight brewing in front of them.

"Don't fuckin' lie to me," roared Drake. Then his voice lowered as he choked out, almost as if he was struggling to keep what sounded like sobs at bay. "I. Know. She. Here."

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