What's a girl to do when her body and soul are separated on two different planets? In Kyna's case, whatever the hell it takes. Duh!

The night sky shined above with stars brighter than the neon lights of Times Square. And if that wasn't enough to prove Ula's words as truth, a rainbow Milky Way splashed amongst the stars, like mixed paints on an artist's palette.

Kyna sighed and went back inside. Apparently, Nica -who disappeared god know where- brought her to his great aunt's house. It was a two-story peachy brick house, squat and round and with a thatched roof.

In fact, Ula looked just like her house. Kyna chuckled at the thought. If on Earth, some owners look like their dogs, does that mean here on YIberia they resemble their homes?

Ylberia...wow, she still couldn't believe she was on another world. Ula gave her a basic history lesson after Nica left - ran off more like - to speak with some big whig high council person. Kyna walked passed the kitchen, which took up half the first floor. Passed tables and counters overflowed to bursting with glass bottles, short and skinny, round and square. Some as curvy as Betty Boop or more twisted than a roller coaster. Filled with various herbs, toxins, liquids and syrups.

She went down the hallway and opened the door to her left, opposite her room, and into the Ula's library. The old, dusty tome Ula showed her before still lay on the table, tattered and discarded, its loose pages splattered across the floor.

If she had an actual heart, it would've pained her to witness what she'd done with her own hand. It wasn't everyday you were told you were gifted with a power to travel to unimaginable places. But was now trapped with no hope of returning home. The anger of hearing those words spiraled out of her control that she took it out on an innocent book.

She couldn't believe herself capable of destroying a book. And for what? Because she couldn't control her emotions? For as long as she remembered, if she wanted to visit exciting places, she'd crack open a book. They were her precious guides into the unknown. And the one book that held the knowledge of what she is and possibly fix this, no matter what Ula said, she smacked out of the woman's hands.

She partly blamed the blasted doll her soul was currently occupying. They didn't give it organs but they did equip it with an emotion mechanism.

Kyna can't feel physical pain. But oh she can feel emotional pain. She can even tear up too. Just like a realistic baby doll. Only thing missing were the function to roll over, crawl and burp.

Kyna gathered up the fallen pages and gently tried to place them back inside the book. Immediately it opened up to a picture of the same frescoe she saw hours earlier.

The travelers. People with the ability to cross over into other worlds. Guiding people and creatures to safety and a better life like an inter-galactic underground railroad.

A traveler. Like her. When Ula told her about them Kyna had scoffed. Something like that was impossible for sure. If so, she definitely would've traveled the world three, no four times over. To be able to visit Egypt and see the sphinx and three pyramids?

And after all this time of being a traveler why is she now visiting other worlds? Why only her soul and not just her body too? Ula couldn't answer the former and barely gave a decent explanation to the latter. For some unknown reason - Kyna rolled her eyes - a bunch of other people from other worlds decided to put an end to it. But how?

Ula suspiciously changed the subject by offering her sweets. But no matter she was going to find out. As well as find a way back home. No way in hell she's going to live out the rest of her life as Chucky.

"Pack up your stuff," said a voice behind her, startling Kyna. The heavy book knocked off the table and the pages fluttered down to the ground like falling petals.

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