Okay, when they said curiosity killed the cat they weren't lying. But they weren't telling the whole truth either. No. Curiosity skinned the cat while it was still alive then slowly watched it die.

Kyna was shocked. Then intrigued. She thought she could travel to other worlds. No one ever said she could go to heavenly planes. Does that mean she'd see her dad again?

Kyna was so lost in thought in the new advantages she learned about her abilities. When she realized too late they were standing out in an open field.

"I saw that you've caught up with us," Bellart-Kyna said with a hint of amusement as he, Ossie and Tinna came towards them over. "I'd set a trap for you but you didn't fall into it. Instead you 're just standing around here. Aren't you supposed to capture me?"

Despite their current situation Kyna rolled her eyes. He'd set a trap. She's seen enough movies to know that next will come the big shocking reveal.

God, she hoped she'll be able to take it.

"Hello my nephew." Kyna startled. If she had a stomach it would've clenched and lurched at those words. She looked between Nica and Lumerio trying to pick out features of resemblance before she remembered she had no idea how the original Bellart looked like. "And hello again assassin."

Oh yeah, her stomach would've tumbled down to her toes and back up to her throat. By this time, from Lumerio and Nica's stony faces and flinches, Kyna had a good guess who was the blood relation and murderer for hire. Guess tonight was the night for a lot of truths to come out.

But just to be sure...

"Any my lovely traveler, Kyn-"

Kyna raised her hand, arm straight and palm up. "Hold up a sec," she interrupting his speech. Villains. Shaking her head mentally she turned her attention to her two partners, in this crazy it must be a very long dream mission.

She pointed at Nica. "Nephew?"

"Not anymore." Eyes unmoving from Bellart-Kyna, Nica unsheathed his blade at B-K. Feet set wide apart, muscles tightly coiled and ready to strike.

She next pointed at Lumerio. "Assassin?"

"Not anymore," said Lumerio. Then he pulled out from his back pockets thin blades that came to a sharp point. Awfully, familiar thin blades.


"Are those..."

He gave her a sheepish grin and shrugged, "Needed something now that I'm obviously coming out of retirement."

Kyna turned her attention back to B-K. He watched them with a bemused face as his two lackeys Ossie and Tinna looked on, their faces twisted in pissed off and confusion. Both emotions battled for supremacy. And when they fisted their hands, bodies locked tight like a coiled spring, she knew which one won out.

Ossie and Tinna trained their eyes on her and if looks could kill. Whew.

But as far as she was concerned they deserved whatever they'll get once the police catch up with them. Trying to bring her brother down into their odious fold was criminal itself. Aside from the entire craziness of the whole thing, a tiny part of her was thankful Bellart stole her body. If not, she'd never known what her brother was getting into. Or set up events for her brother to get out before he could no longer be able to clean the muck off his soul from living such a lifestyle.

"Hi guys," Kyna taunted, waving her hand at them. "No big reveal you'd like to share too."

Tinna moved forward. "Fuck you bitch! I'ma kill you." With the reflexes of a snake striking and sinking its venomous teeth into soft flesh, Nica moved in front of her and swung his blade. It happened so fast she wouldn't have known he used his weapon except for the spurt of blood, the droplets landing on the blades of grass and her feet.

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