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Seeds of Myth (A Wattpad Anthology) by authorhlumelo
Seeds of Myth (A Wattpad Anthology)by Hlumelo
A collection of fantasy tales from some of the richest worlds on Wattpad. Within, find the untold vignettes of legendary figures, and the stories that shaped them into...
  • newadult
  • fantasyanthology
  • dragons
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As I Want You To Be. | (Slow Updates) [A Fantasy Story] by riahjane
As I Want You To Be. | (Slow riahjane
One reincarnated soul. 5 different time periods. 8 supernatural beings.
  • vampire
  • reverseharem
  • supernaturalbeings
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Find out by imagine_gr8tness
Find outby T. Nich
There's a world right in front of us that we've never noticed, and now the fate of it depends on Julia and Marcus. Julia is the last born and most powerful Firebird in...
  • fortheculture
  • characterdevelopment
  • witches
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Maji||Legacies  by gxldversace
Maji||Legacies by gxldversace
What can you do when your hair turns white and eyes Amber every time you have a sudden burst of energy? Especially whenever it occurs something chaotic always happens. W...
  • maji
  • witches
  • carolineforbes
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The Bone Society  by Groovy_Jedi
The Bone Society by N.G. Edwards
Desmond Grey is a bone, a member of a secret organisation called the Bone Society, tasked with investigating magical deaths in both the mundane and invisible worlds. Whe...
  • urbanfantasy
  • magic
  • diversity
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The Progeny: Daughters of Magic by ReeWritesBooks
The Progeny: Daughters of Magicby Desaree Jones
In 2018, Anjé Jackson learns that she possesses the type of strength a petite twenty-year-old shouldn't have. In 2268, Kamaria Davis walks through a mirror, sending hers...
  • magicalrealism
  • shortstorycollection
  • streetfantasy
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The Mekai: The Return of the Prince by dsts09
The Mekai: The Return of the Princeby Donavan Smalley
The Mekai are a race of super-human warriors, spread throughout the world. They each obtain the power to control the elements and other forms of great wonder. Beings di...
  • wattys2015
  • dragon
  • demons
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Of Blood And Gold by mjjj956
Of Blood And Goldby Isaac Josh
[Book 1 of The Ori Trilogy] Witches. Wizards. Magicians. Shaman. Medicine-men. They've had many names throughout history but only one rang true: Ori. For centuries, the...
  • teenfiction
  • british
  • love
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The Mekai: Endgame by dsts09
The Mekai: Endgameby Donavan Smalley
***The third sequel to The Mekai: Return of the Prince and final part of the Evil Sorcerer Ren Arc! It's been two months since Ray's arrival in Central Kingdom. Ren is s...
  • blackfantasy
  • demons
  • ren
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small hours by starsable
small hoursby Hinna
Jarary Forge is young, curious, and has potential. After receiving a promising position at a children's book publishing company as an editor's intern, she believes that...
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • blackfantasy
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I AM ABIKU by indigoradiofm
I AM ABIKUby Indigo Radio
It's exam time but feisty Nigerian Secondary School (High School) Senior, Maro has more things to worry about than being weak at Math when a special "thing" is...
  • original
  • youngadult
  • novella
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The Tale of Slate by dsts09
The Tale of Slateby Donavan Smalley
*A Mekai Story* Another threat looms from the east, leaving death and destruction in its wake. He's angry. He's out for revenge. He is Death. He is Slate. As he leads hi...
  • twins
  • blackfantasy
  • death
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The Mekai: The Celestials by dsts09
The Mekai: The Celestialsby Donavan Smalley
Cover created by @MissMysteryGame: a great friend, amazing artist, and outstanding author. *After reading this- go check out The Temperature of Frost right now! The sec...
  • teamwork
  • celestials
  • blackfantasy
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The Mekai: Blasts from the Past by dsts09
The Mekai: Blasts from the Pastby Donavan Smalley
Three months after defeating his mortal enemy, Ray returns to Central Kingdom with news about his brother. But the arrival of a mysterious Nomekian girl to the city pro...
  • good-vs-evil
  • blackfiction
  • blackfantasy
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Hellsgate by LidyWilks
Hellsgateby Lidy
It was a routine hijacking for Anaya Jean and her band of merry human and supernatural men. They scored big time. But between looting the government truck. And halving t...
  • diversity
  • elves
  • reconstruction
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The Kingdom of Rall by dsts09
The Kingdom of Rallby Donavan Smalley
Book Cover Designed by: CMGrey, a valued friend! Navi was an ordinary citizen and war hero of Amaron. Yet, he always felt he belonged elsewhere, destined for something g...
  • rall
  • kingdom
  • blackfiction
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The Mekai (Extras) by dsts09
The Mekai (Extras)by Donavan Smalley
Fun facts! FUN FACTS FOR EVERYONE!!!! Did you know that the novella, The Mekai: The Return of the Prince took a year to write? Did you know that the basis of the story h...
  • mekai
  • trivia
  • creativity
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The Mekai: Revenge of the Agaron by dsts09
The Mekai: Revenge of the Agaronby Donavan Smalley
Sequel to The Mekai: Return of the Prince! A few weeks after thwarting Ren's plans, Ray is called upon to escort the daughter of Central Kingdom's governor, Mikayla Kora...
  • blackfantasy
  • southern-kingdom
  • revenge
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Nadia the Fire Witch - (on hold) by LidyWilks
Nadia the Fire Witch - (on hold)by Lidy
Nadia Kemp is a very special witch. Why is she special? Only her family knows. Nadia, a lonely witch, is the new girl in town. After years of homeschooling, Nadia begins...
  • saveblackcharacters
  • witch
  • bwam
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