"Can you tell me what happened tonight?"

Kyna looked up at the police officer speaking to her. They stood by the hood of her car, the woman asking questions. After what went down tonight she was lucky her hands weren't cuffed behind her back.

Can you tell me what happened tonight?

How could she? Kyna still couldn't believe herself what happened. Still -though shit went out of control the only way it could, fast- everything came back to her slowly, torturously.

She'd just had the two fools lapping at her feet for her fake drug. They were ready to make a deal when the door burst open, emitting two bodies into the room. One pleading and demanding as he pulled on the other to come back to the hospital to get help. The other twisting out of his grasp, then grabbing the same hand to twist behind his back. While the other arm went around his neck.

Thinkin back it was the oddest thing she'd ever seen. Watching herself, as brother and sister fought, almost MMA style. Gave new meaning to out of body experience.

And that was when everything went downhill. As her brother struggled to free himself out of Bellart-Kyna's hold, spluttering 'let go' and 'big sis' and 'you're not well.' Bellart-Kyna ignored him and tightened his hold. Then to her horror, in an effort to dislodge him, Drake reeled back on his heels. His shirt lifted in the process and a slim, flat back device fell out of his pocket. If Drake had noticed he wouldn't have tried to stomp Bellart-Kyna's foot. Instead he kicked the device and it skidded to the middle of the floor.

Ossie and Tinna, already on their feet cursing and threatening Drake, turned their eyes on the device. Kyna's too.

It was black, sleek and rectangular. With a screen in the top half portion. A small, square red button below the screen in the middle. Silver buttons on the side and the rows of tiny holes on the bottom, the speaker.

With the glaring three letter word REC it wasn't any wonder a gun was pulled out. What happened next was a blur. Kyna was only sure of three things. Her jeans were buzzing. Her body had moved towards the gunman. And the pool of blood.

"Miss," said the officer in a firm tone, bringing her back to the present. "What happened tonight? Witnesses said you were in the room when the shots were fired."

Kyna didn't answer. The red flashing ambulance lights from the corner of her eye caught her attention. She glanced at the receding back of the ambulance into the dark night as it pulled out of the parking lot.

She watched as it turn left down the street and until it disappeared from view.

The officer's voice returned as if from across a canyon. "What do you know about the other girl in the room? What's your relationship with the suspects?"

"What's going to happen to my bro-the boy-Drake?"

The officer sighed then in a slightly gentler voice said, "Is that his name Drake? He was still unconscious last I checked. They're taking him to Presbyterian where he'll be under guard until he wakes up to answer some questions. Now miss-"

Presbyterian? Until he wakes up?

"Am I under arrest?" Kyna interrupted. Right now she didn't have time for this. She had to get to her brother and make sure he was alright. Then somehow, find Bellart and get her body back before the NYPD find him first. "I was only here to find my brother," Kyna said deciding to go with the truth, most of it anyways. "He started hanging out with those guys making my mom worried sick. It's not like I know them personally, so can I go now?"

"And was your brother there tonight?"

Kyna hesitated for a moment. "No," she lied.

The officer stared into her face. Kyna held her gaze and didn't look away. Not even when her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she slumped onto the ground at her feet.

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