Yes Daddy // h.s

Yes Daddy // h.s

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Daddy's girl By stylesbabyygirl Updated 3 days ago

"Strip down and get on you knees baby girl." He demanded.

I just looked at him in awe, amusement and pure lust.

"I said strip down and get on your fucking knees. Don't make me say it again, and don't make your punishment harder."

WARNING : this story contains A LOT OF SMUT, age gap, daddy kink, mature scenes and language. Read at own risks!

Mysticalis Mysticalis Jul 11
This be me thinking about my crush and then I does feel pathetic
Me when I come home from Disney and someone attractive looks at me for like 1/2 a second
Naxeroni Naxeroni Apr 18
'25' sounded like that one episode of spongebob when spongebob said "You know whats funny than 24...? Twentyfiiive!" Lol Idk why I thoughts of it like that....😂
I love how the author put "And His green eyes were so noticeable" like he's God Himself 😂
Baby-Suo Baby-Suo Jul 05
Yeah creepy but i'm curious to see what's coming up right now ^^
                              Her - what's your favourite colour ?
                              Him- pizza , do you suck dick