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The Golden Twin - A Game of Thrones Fanfiction by IzzieAndAlex
The Golden Twin - A Game of IzzieAndAlex
What if Joffrey had a twin sister called Joanna? Would he be as cruel as he is now? Read to find out. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN GAME OF THRONES OR ANY OF THE CHARACTES/PL...
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A Lioness Still Has Claws | Female Tywin Lannister | ASOIAF/GOT by WickedTheRedHorse
A Lioness Still Has Claws | Roxanne
Female Tywin Lannister. Top ranking #1 in ASOIAF | "That had better be a jape," The cold words were jarring from the pretty ten year old, and caught the attent...
Rent A Wife!!! by hafsa_indie
Rent A Wife!!!by Hafsa
Natasha is struggling to make ends meet. While she is pondering over her issues she meets Jude. Jude has an interesting proposition for her. He wants her to marry him in...
His English Heart- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction by korahuddles
His English Heart- A Tom korahuddles
NOW FEATURED IN A CONDENSED VERSION IN THE IMAGINES BOOK!! --You work on the set of the Avengers as a makeup artist. For Tom Hiddleston. As time progresses you become gr...
Back to the Games ~ Hunger Games Fanfic~ by sunflowersRus
Back to the Games ~ Hunger Games sunflowersRus
Aina won the 73rd hunger games and has since tried to keep her innocence but it becomes difficult after the announcement for the quarter quell. She has a plan to help th...
The Neighbor {h.s daddy kink} by hargxsms
The Neighbor {h.s daddy kink}by a
In which a naive 16 year old girl falls for her 27 year old neighbor.
Straight Trap (BxB) {Complete} by OMGguyLOL
Straight Trap (BxB) {Complete}by Rick
'Falling In Love is Easy, Being Loved Back is Hard' is Aaron Thomas's life. Falling into straight traps is Aaron's habit. His friends, Seth and Alice are helping him to...
The Deal Maker (Book I) by Kissmeyoufool
The Deal Maker (Book I)by M. Currie
*Book One in the "Deal Maker" series and available on Smashwords and iTunes!* Joanna has never been great at making good decisions in life. After a year of kee...
Tasteful Love by Batmanissickleat
Tasteful Loveby Batmanissickleat
Lucy and Graham have been dating for 3 years now. They both own small business so their always busy. Whenever they can have time to show their affection towards one anot...
My Everything - Louis Tomlinson by itspclaire
My Everything - Louis Tomlinsonby Pamela
I'm his best friend...actually I was his best friend. Everything changed in those...those 10 seconds. The worst seconds of my life...the seconds when he told me to leave...
Jace diary 1 by TeegalF
Jace diary 1by Tee😎
Peace Jace,a high school girl, documents her every day Life into her diary.... In her diary,there are secrets,mysterys ,confessions that no one knows except from her.. I...
Troll and Steel by Tophatauthor
Troll and Steelby Tophatauthor
people don't choose who they're born as , some people like who they are , some hate it , but Aaron lives on the edge of both , born half human half troll and not just an...
Worth It  by FaliceISfire
Worth It by FaliceISfire
It picks up right after season 2 when Wendy gave her life to Tommy. It's mostly about Wendy, but there is some of there other Bechamp Women. Just know that I am doing...
My one and only- a Jemma story by jemmaluver
My one and only- a Jemma storyby Jemmaluver
Love is something you want. But something you want is never something you need. Every one wants love but some people don't deserve it. They may need to earn it. Join E...
Living with a zillionaire  by cadance1727
Living with a zillionaire by Cadance
There was a family that really rich and the dad was a famous star that earn a lot of money. Gracie and Matthew accidentally had a baby. Then they had 2 more. Find out wh...
Stargirl | Poe Dameron by fmarple101
Stargirl | Poe Dameronby Felicity Marple
"I'll be your stargirl, and you'll be my flyboy"
Chucky x Andy love you t'll the end hiddey ho hahaha  by angelbrialbrown
Chucky x Andy love you t'll the angelbrialbrown
Hello everyone I'm just not so good of making my asking stories so yeah sorry for not making them so I will make this story for I'm sorry for not putting effort in my st...
The Two Cubs - A Game of Thrones Fanfiction by JaimexCersei
The Two Cubs - A Game of Thrones JaimexCersei Lannister
What if Joffrey had a younger sister called Joanna? What if Tyrion had had a daughter with his now late wife and had called her Johanna? DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN GAME O...
Heathers Smut by Psycho_Slushie
Heathers Smutby Psycho_Slushie
Honestly it's just a lot of kinks with Veronica Sawyer and Jason Dean from Heathers. Their language and stuff like that. Don't judge this is my first time writing for ot...
The mistress of secrets (Batman fanfic) (Undergoing Editing) by flavourless-fiction
The mistress of secrets (Batman flavourless-fiction
Joanna has held a grudge for a long time against the rouges and batman even though she is the caped crusader's sidekick's friend. Things get crazy when Jason Todd or 'Re...