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Richard and Nicomaine.

They were like Asymptotes-two figures moving close, but never meeting.

This is a story of near misses, and the kind of love that transcends life.

jouanamarie_balauag jouanamarie_balauag Apr 02, 2016
Wahahaha. Bat kinikilig ako at kasama at pangalan ki dito.hahaha. salamat author. Abangers ako sa update mo. God bless!! :-)
Sharon_mtpi Sharon_mtpi Apr 10, 2016
OK. Mababaw kung mababaw. But KILIG at the mention. Thank you!
magsdey magsdey Apr 02, 2016
I just read your Author's Note! Wow! :) Looking forward to reading this story. Take your time.
rjdp17 rjdp17 Apr 07, 2016
I just got curious, kala ko sa hyperbola lang ang asymptotes, sa ganito rin pala, nice story :)
lololouisaa lololouisaa Apr 01, 2016
I'm so intrigued @emjayannavi!!
                              Is this a love story? Kasi asymptotes never meet. They're like the definition of so close yet so far in a graph 😕 Well unless one of them is a vertical asymptote and the other is a horizontal one (lol the nerd in me), will they ever see each other. Huhuhu
chet_garcia chet_garcia Apr 02, 2016
Oh my! Kinilig naman ako. 😊
                              Just continue MJ! You are so good and you dont know much you touch my life with your stories. 
                              Thank you for everything! 💜