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Second Chances ( BaekYeon: Book 2) by PinkPeaches_13
Second Chances ( BaekYeon: Book 2)by PEACHES
Their relationship may not work in the first place but what do you think will happen if this two will meet again? Will they finally have their happy ending? •~•~•~• Acc...
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lonely nights ¡! baekyeon by harmxnious
lonely nights ¡! baekyeonby وئام
"We come here every night, spend time in company of each other. But we both are very, very lonely inside." In which Byun Baekhyun teaches Kim Taeyeon how to mo...
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Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMPLETED by taeyeondiary
Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) Bree
Byun Baekhyun is a typical playboy who plays with girls' feelings. He thought that the rain only brings bad luck, until he met her. Kim Taeyeon, who dreams of being a...
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Adopted by Baekyeon by _dreamywishes_
Adopted by Baekyeonby Calista
My name is SooJung. I was adopted by former exo member Baekhyun and former snsd member Taeyeon. they are both married but still does not have a child. My older sister Je...
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Bodyguard(S) by byuntae_taeng
Bodyguard(S)by Taeng_sica
This is the most challenging story that I never wrote before.So this story is about Kim Taeyeon,a daughter of an army. Her father always worried about her so he heirs bo...
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[C] the perfect man. | marktuan & im nayeon by lovejen0
[C] the perfect man. | ᴍᴀɪ
❝i finally found the perfect man for me❞ started [28/2/2017] ended [23/2/2018] [1K READS - 21/6/2017] [5K READS AND 300 VOTES- 14/11/17] highest rankings : #2 in Markyeo...
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Imagines | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
Imagines | BaekYeonby 淇🍁
"Noona, saranghae..." A BaekYeon imagine.
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Puzzled By Your Love by sornkie
Puzzled By Your Loveby sorn elkie
Choi Sooyoung - A positive young girl who lives her life happily. Crushing on Chanyeol who is her ideal type. A fashionista indeed! Smart and Simple, Beautiful and Gorge...
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Instagram || BBH • KTY [ REWRITE ] by bbh_kty
Instagram || BBH • KTY [ REWRITE ]by Lisa
" We accept the love that we deserve. Love is the bridge between you and everything. " " If I know what love is , it is because of you " " Accep...
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Accidentally Fell In Love With a PLAYGIRL (BaekYeon Fanfic) by PinkPeaches_13
Accidentally Fell In Love With a PEACHES
Every story we read is always about a nerd girl fell in love to a playboy. Right? But what will happen if a nerd boy is the one who fell in love to a playgirl. What do y...
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(C)Vampire Love 2 : Our Kingdom by Yeollie_Girl
(C)Vampire Love 2 : Our Kingdomby 🌸wenyeol🌸
Mereka turun ke Bumi demi menyelamatkan diri daripada musuh baharu iaitu Leon. Tak disangka mereka boleh berpecah dan hilang ingatan. Takdir menentukan pertemuan semula...
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Kpop Smuts  by sexkook
Kpop Smuts by Rongie
A collection of steamy smuts featuring Apink's Chorong and the boys. © Credits to Owner
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Two Minds & Two Worlds |BaekYeon| by kangdaniexol
Two Minds & Two Worlds |BaekYeon|by chaelin🦋
Fate brings two opposites: one having no will to live, and one with a secret he wouldn't dare to share. --- Best Rankings: #1 ON BAEKYEON #1 ON HYOYEON #1 ON SEOHYUN #1...
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Our Love Affair (BaekYeon FF) [ON-HOLD] by shelovesoreo
Our Love Affair (BaekYeon FF) [ Baek's Bae
"Were Just In Love"
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time lapse | baekyeon by softbyun
time lapse | baekyeonby y.
together with the scattering of time, you weren't there anymore.
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lights off | baekyeon by softbyun
lights off | baekyeonby y.
because losing you is like somebody just turned all the lights off.
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Chasing Hearts |BaekYeon|  by kangdaniexol
Chasing Hearts |BaekYeon| by chaelin🦋
"Beautiful, beautiful I miss you, miss you..." --- A story of two lovers inspired by Wanna One's Beautiful Pt.1 (Nothing Without You) and Beautiful Pt.2 (Power...
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Herchelinia Academy:Long Lost Legendary Princess of Herchelinia Kingdom by Red_Sailer08
Herchelinia Academy:Long Lost Red_Sailer08
Magic doesn't exist and it just a tale for childrens yan ang paniniwala ko. Masaya ako kasama si mama sa mortal world.... Namuhay kami ng normal na walang gulo at kasama...
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Campus Heartthrob Meets Ms. Loner [Completed] by Gorgeoustoxic
Campus Heartthrob Meets Ms. Shhhh.
Highest Rank in Teen Fiction - #20 | 051218 - #10 | 052518 --- C O M P L E T E D. this story is very suitable for baekyeon shippers LOL.
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There's Something About Her by smol_oreo
There's Something About Herby 淇🍁
A light-hearted story about young love.
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