Human Luna #Wattys2016

Human Luna #Wattys2016

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"You stupid bitch!" Screamed the red head turning to face me. Her drink spilled all over her.

"I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to." I said backing away. As i was backing up i was stopped by a wall.

The girl came stalking towards me with her hand ready to strike.

I closed my eyes ready for impact but it never came.

I opened my eyes to see why she didn't hit me, to see a tall muscular figure in front of me.

"Get out of my way Ben!" The girl spat.

"Stand down." The figure which I'm guessing is Ben said.

"Move out of my way so I can end her!" She screamed.

"Stand down Camilla!" Ben ordered.

I stepped to the left to get a better look at the two. The girl which I know now is Camilla tried to lunge at me but Ben grabbed her by her neck pinning her to the wall.

"Why are you protecting this human Ben?" Camilla screamed trying to loosen the grip on her neck.

Human? Weren't we all humans?

"Because she's my mate." Ben growled.
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Cover made by madbees


LunaEtoile LunaEtoile Nov 23
I literally just finished a book with the male alpha being called Lucian
aka_star aka_star Nov 21
Yay selena gomez is a character at that a main character! Yaaaaay!
CarefreeQueenie CarefreeQueenie 3 days ago
I'm thinking of something else cause Selena is overused and I don't really like Selena...unless we're speaking of waverly place cause I used to actually like that show.
i just finished the book and i Love it but it had its ups and downs
AyeItsAReader AyeItsAReader 5 days ago
I knew it😇 as soon as i read the decription she popped in my head
yaniyahd yaniyahd Nov 25
No offense but I'm gonna look at her differently I do like sel but she's over used