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Alpha Kiss Me

Alpha Kiss Me

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Em By loveandhappines Completed

With his eyes trained on me he growls, "Unchain me."     The supervisor chirps quietly, "I can't."     His head swivels to her, and his fists are clenched in anger, "LET ME TOUCH WHAT IS MINE!"     My eyes widen at the Alpha tone in his voice, and my stomach starts fluttering when I realize he called me his. Alpha. My mate is an Alpha. Which means I am a Luna, but I am a human. My heart breaks, a human cannot be Luna.   ---  When a girl turns eleven she is sent away to a camp, where she will meet her mate. Everyday the girls walk across a platform passing multiple werewolves that have just turned eighteen, praying that one of them is her mate. Cosette never thought she would find her mate because she is human. But she does find her mate, and he's an Alpha. How can a human be Luna without disrupting the pack's way of life?

GraceLafrance1 GraceLafrance1 Jul 19, 2016
It was interesting that she  was able to smell his scent some distance away when she's only human. That is a werewolf quality.
Why would you brush your curls? You're hair is gonna be wild af now
JaydeCat JaydeCat Nov 01, 2016
I don't know about this kinda got straight into the action.
ofbandsandbooks_ ofbandsandbooks_ Jul 26, 2016
Loveangeljay Loveangeljay Jun 22, 2016
Interesting. This is different. Chaining  up the guys and keeping the women separated from the onset of puberty. Very interesting
EmzySerinova EmzySerinova Aug 18, 2016
no i think what it says is the girls went there when they were 11 so she was there from 11 and then 6 years being trapped makes her 17 :)