Eliazer King √

Eliazer King √

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*Not You're Cliche Teen Fiction Book

"Can yo-can you tell me? 'Bout everything?" Bryn asked unsurely. A small smile wanted to tug my lips at how adorable she looked, but I knew it was impossible. People are frightened by me, by my eye. It's a curse I have to live with everyday, furthermore, a permanent battle scar. I shoved my hands into my front pocket, staring intently at her.

"I'll tell you the beginning."


Eliazer King was the definition of gorgeous. He was the entire package, the girls every-weakness-starter-pack. He could've gotten any girl he wanted.

But he didn't. No, he wasn't popular in the way you think. He wasn't your cliché womanizer. 

Eliazer was an abnegation to society. He was a loner and was gifted the title, "King of Freaks." People wouldn't dare look at him, and if they did, they grimaced in horror upon looking at his face. 

Eliazer was blind from his right eye, but the only problem was that he had no iris nor pupil. His eye was as white as a pearl and that simple flaw was the only reason as to why people thought he was an oddity.

And poor Eliazer will never forget the day he turned half blind; ever.

But once he meets the peculiar Bryn Atkinson, questions begin to arise. Bryn knew she was stuck to Eliazer the minute she looked at his eye; the eye of wonder.

She always said "Beauty is only skin deep", but soon enough, she learns there's more meaning to Eliazer's eye of wonder.

So its like they say, Curiosity killed a cat.

But she has nine lives. 

Eliazer (e-lie-zir)
Atkinson (at-kin-sin)

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Something you just lovee to think about whilst on a plane isn't it 😂😉
This is me. I hate planes so much I have to be forced onto one
readerofinvinity readerofinvinity Oct 13, 2016
I just want you to know. When I first read the summary of this story is was like: YUP DEFINITELY READING THIS
MarvelDarling MarvelDarling Oct 15, 2016
I hate the thought of planes. I've never been on one before but let me tell ya', some scary crap be happenin with these air born metal traps...
_Yabookie _Yabookie Aug 31, 2016
I need more chapters this book is really good and it's got me exvited
When I first saw the prologue of this book, I immediately add this to my library!!! God I can't wait to finish this