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King of Freaks ✔

King of Freaks ✔

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Sinister Sociopath By KartierKlass Completed

#28 Highest Ranking In Teen Fiction 3/31/2017

Previously known as "Eliazer King" | Not your cliché Teen Fiction story

Eliazer King was the definition of gorgeous. He was the entire package, the girls every-weakness-starter-pack. He was the guy that could've gotten any girl he wanted.

But he didn't.

Eliazer wasn't popular in the way you think, nor was he your cliché womanizer. Eliazer King was an abnegation to society. He was a loner and was gifted the title King of Freaks simply because he was blind. People wouldn't dare look at him, and if they did, they grimaced in horror upon looking at his face. 

Eliazer's right eye was compared to a demonic child's, all because he had no iris nor pupil. His right eye was as white as a pearl and that simple flaw was the only reason as to why people thought he was an oddity and embarrassment.

But poor Eliazer will never forget the day he turned half blind; ever.

Once Eliazer  meets the peculiar Bryn Atkinson, questions begin to arise. Bryn knew she was stuck to Eliazer the minute she looked at his eye; the eye of wonder.

She always said "Beauty is only skin deep", but soon enough, she learns there's more meaning to Eliazer's eye of wonder.

So its like they say, Curiosity killed a cat.

But she has nine lives. 

Eliazer (e-lie-zir)
Atkinson (at-kin-sin)

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I am freaking excited!!! Hey guys, please tell me if there are any more books like this, or books with Kendall Jenner for that matter m
I just squealed because I'M MEXICAN 
                              I just now realized that is the stupidest reason to squeal but I don't care because Mexicans!!!!
kayleethetrashcan kayleethetrashcan 5 days ago
My friend knew this girl from her hometown who got into a plane crash and was the sole survivor and walked miles with a broken ankle in the cold to this ladies house it was crazy
I'm going to pretend I never saw that and that she looks completely different
Was on a plane ride from D.C. to Seoul South Korea cause I am moving and I though the same thing throughout the whole ride
Totally reading this! It sounds amazing. Also... any book with Luke Hemmings in the cast is already down as a fave