With The Royalties ✔

With The Royalties ✔

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Sinister Sociopath By KartierKlass Completed

#265 Highest Ranking In Teen Fiction 10/14/2016
#106 Highest Ranking In Fantasy 1/29/18

||| The First Few Chapters Might Suck, But Please Bear With Me |||

  Darius Clarke Gremory
  Yet, her name sounds like a Boy's, she's very proud of it. Being a Fashion designer in London, her world changes suddenly.
  After an incident involved with drugs, her twin brother, Desmin, needs a place to stay and crashes with Darius.
  Even at the age of twenty-one, Desmin is a lot to handle, but what if we add more to Darius's Plate?
  Darius meets someone she isn't aware of, but what if this person turns out to be a Prince? What if we add three more to the story?
  Darius meets the four brothers, who all have different personalities. 
  Eddie Arrington (Edward)
  Being the youngest, he cares about the whereabouts of his older siblings.
  Johnny Arrington (John)
  Known as what we call "The Fu•k Boy". He's sweet and caring, but will he ever gift someone with his heart?
  Edwin Arrington
  The clown of them all, Edwin is the type to make people laugh and says smiles suit then better.
  William Arrington
  The Oldest sibling, meaning next in line to be King. After an incident, his heart was nothing but cold ice, and there is no way someone could thaw it out, or is there?
  Darius is nothing but a mere commoner, but the question is-
  What do they think?
  Is it even Allowed to Fall In Love With A Prince? Which One?
  A story filled with love, hate, and something near the edge of death, only hanging on by a thread.
  This Is Four On One.
  *Under Major Editing | Read At Your Own Risk | Grammatical Errors
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  All Rights Reserved

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I keep saying Daenerys when I read over her name. Their so similar. Daenerys (Day-nair-us) and Darius. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
ChimdiSamuel ChimdiSamuel Mar 12, 2017
Of course you can just barge in when they are having sex... Hahaha
askeka2003 askeka2003 Apr 06, 2017
How can she know that if Darious don't know how to describe him😕😕😕😕😕