The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked

The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked

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Emily Stephan By 1EmilyRose1 Updated Nov 28

Alexis James is a quiet nerd.

Jack Wilson is loud and a bad boy.

Alexis doesn't party.

Jack is the ideal party animal.

Alexis sticks to one guy at a time.

Jack is a player.

What will happen when he saves her life. But sees her naked in the process. Alexis's life will never be the same.

Yes he deserves to be called it because no man has the right to hit a woman
How the hell do u do that? A 2 minute shower? I tried it the other day and 2 minutes turned into about 15 which was a record for me btw!!!
First of all ya crazy if you still want to go out with him after what he done 
                              Second of all didn't you just break up with him the night before
Calculus makes me cry, and want to burn my existence lol #highschool struggles.
I like how he just checked if she was ok and then went to bed like nothing happened😂
Aw it be seeming like I don't give two fucks about some people but when they look like they about to cry I grow a soft spot