Nobody (On Hold)

Nobody (On Hold)

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Amber By XxKDramaBabyxX Updated Dec 26, 2016

My heart stopped as I watched the scene before me. This can't be happening. The coach should have taken him out of the game. My heart beat picked up as I stood. "NATHAN!" I yelled frantically as I watched the love of my life collapse to the ground.


Meet Sutton Marsh, a foster girl who was just placed with the wealthy Lawrence family. Sutton is thrust into the world of the rich and wealthy and into the life of her foster brother's best friend Nathan Stark. Sutton can't help but be attracted to the popular boy. Sutton can't help but feel as if her life is finally coming back together but what will happen when her ex-boyfriend comes back into her life? Will Sutton be able to resist her love for him and move on with Nathan? Or will she be hopelessly drawn back in? Plus, what happens when her ex threatens to spill all of Sutton's secrets? Will her past come back to haunt her?

Breana_Rose Breana_Rose Aug 15, 2014
I love that book by the way. I'm definitely going to keep reading this. :)
shirlin_s shirlin_s Jan 28, 2014
ooh my :( 
                              I have a poem with this story line. . I'll dedicate it to you. .. :/ 
                              sorry. .. :( 
                               I know a Sutton from the lyin game ^-^ 
                              nice start
Call_Me_Sly Call_Me_Sly Jan 04, 2014
This sounds like a really good book!! :D It has a hint of one of my favorite books called "Pictures of Hollis Woods." But dang Sutton has a harsh life. I can't even imagined being pushed around like that just for money. Really good start. I'll continue reading. ^.^
harryyharder harryyharder Nov 20, 2013
This sounds really....interesting. Like I cant really explain it. It has that type of thing that makes readers want to read more and want the next chapter like right after they read the last chapter yo had updated. :)
                              -Cara Xx
- - Oct 29, 2013
AMAZING WORD CHOICE!!! I love the prolouge and I'm sure when I read on, I will continue to fall in love with it! Tbh, that starting paragrah should the description, to hook readers right away!
XxKDramaBabyxX XxKDramaBabyxX Jul 18, 2013
@jplorne Thanks for the advice. I will think about it but I'm not so sure what I want to do right now.