Bliss - joshler smut/fluff oneshots

Bliss - joshler smut/fluff oneshots

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depresseddrumstick By depresseddrumstick Updated Mar 17, 2016

Mature for incredible amounts sexual content and maybe swearing sometime down the line. 

Joshler smut.
I plead guilty for writing this goddamn shameful piece. Hopefully you enjoy it enough reading it as much as I did writing it. 

I'm not sure when or if I'll continue it, but I'll try my best to keep this updated!

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kelli_c_ashby kelli_c_ashby Mar 29, 2017
Yesterday was Tyler and Jenna's anniversary but I'm over here reading joshler rip
SpookyAesthetic SpookyAesthetic Dec 14, 2017
today's forecast; we can clearly see
                              somEBODY GOT ME F U CK ED U  P
sauropodomorpha sauropodomorpha Nov 25, 2016
im scared of the dark but i cant sleep with the slightest light on
                              wtf is wrong with me
auudrreyyy auudrreyyy Nov 01, 2016
everyone's freaking out about the dicks and I'm just like "DEATH CAB?!"
glowingthn glowingthn Nov 20, 2016
"smelly cock" these words together make me so uncomfortable omF
Jishwa_Dun_Shine Jishwa_Dun_Shine Dec 04, 2016
" smelly cock " Um...yeah i think thats enough for today.. ;-;