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The Uber Driver {Joshler} by AfternoonLads
The Uber Driver {Joshler}by Lads
He was a tall man. His hair was colored bright yellow, almost illuminating his milky chocolate eyes. Tyler inhaled. oh boy.
coffee // joshler by curiosity-
coffee // joshlerby ♡ margo ♡
"ill take a cup of coffee, please." "any sugar today?" "you're sweet enough for me, darlin'." tyler owns a bakery. josh loves his famous ho...
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Keeper and Protector (Joshler) ✔️ by talktoemspooky
Keeper and Protector (Joshler) ✔️by talktoemspooky
What was a Keeper without his Protector's love and affection to keep him alive? Tyler Joseph. What was a man who had never been a Protector before but was willing to fig...
take my hand - joshler  by honestlydun
take my hand - joshler by (´• ω •`)ノ
Tyler Joseph is gay. Very, very gay. {Trigger Warning}
I'll Go with You (joshler | mpreg) (Book 1) (COMPLETED) by unopened-windows
I'll Go with You (joshler | mpreg) unopened-windows
Where an average teenage boy in high school, found out just how not average he really is. Fluff, smut, underage drinking, penis jokes, dad jokes...what more could you as...
30 day smut challenge :: joshler by blushingdun
30 day smut challenge :: joshlerby blushingdun
some joshler smut for you horny fellows. (i have 100% respect for tyler and jenna's marriage and i know that tyler and josh aren't together. yes i feel guilty for invadi...
the notebook pt. 2//joshler by reasoning4purpose
the notebook pt. 2//joshlerby anathema
a continuation of 'the notebook//joshler.' you MUST read that first to understand what's going on!!
The Soft Boy in the Thigh Highs~Joshler smut~Oneshots by LevisBored
The Soft Boy in the Thigh Trysten Levi
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun smut oneshots collection.
Joshua's Boy (Edited Version)  by oppaiirl
Joshua's Boy (Edited Version) by Kells
JOSHLER This story includes smut, violent scenes, and just a lot more so maybe read it Drug dealer Josh Fem!Tyler
from the beginning (COMPLETED) by reasoning4purpose
from the beginning (COMPLETED)by anathema
tyler and josh have been best friends since they were only a couple months old. when feelings other than friendship start to fly, they're forced to separate. but what w...
Prison (Joshler) by unopened-windows
Prison (Joshler)by unopened-windows
Where innocent meets guilty
joshler smut oneshots (kinky) by garagejosh
joshler smut oneshots (kinky)by garagejosh
all of these will be based on my kinks and have the kinks in the title. if you guys want your kinks featured in this book, i'll write it. here you go ;)
Santa's little helper by Caradelemone
Santa's little helperby Caradelemone
Santa needs a little help with his plans for christmas eve ;)
Joshler Oneshots by spookyangelo
Joshler Oneshotsby Hail the Antichrist
Drop a request in my DM's or in the comments of the !!introduction only!! It'll keep things organized and will ensure your request is put out sooner! Both smut and fluf...
Daycare (joshler) (COMPLETED) by unopened-windows
Daycare (joshler) (COMPLETED)by unopened-windows
Where two boys meet at daycare.
⚠: there will be some kinky fuckin shit ok like damn
accidental love (COMPLETED)  by reasoning4purpose
accidental love (COMPLETED) by anathema
tyler joseph, 16 and joshua dun, 17 are in a car accident. both have full intentions of suing until they each lay eyes on the other boy.