Hollow // Cash

Hollow // Cash

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cashx_ By cashx_ Updated Jan 04

Heartbreak, what a tragedy. Something that can't be avoided in a world where falling in love is what is meant to be done. Love, a crazy little word with a huge meaning bringing a pure bliss that seems as if you were in the clouds. See the thing about love is, it's a crazy roller coaster that brings happiness, joy, lust, jealousy, rage, anger, sadness, depression,  and causes you to be shattered. But once you find it, it is the best feeling in the world. Until you are heartbroken, and the times of pure bliss disappear, leaving you hollow.  Craving to go back, doing anything that is possible to find that love that is so desperately wanted.

How far would you go for someone you love?  

This is a story that I am going to try to do my best on to see if it ends up amazing or not, this is a mature book, meaning there will be violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes. So please turn away if you do not like these topics, and or boyxboy. Thank you

January 18th 2016 -

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Does anyone else have ugly ass pores in their nose bc I'm touching mine rn
The only thing I wake up to is my mom banging my door to get ready for school
Aesthetic-Aliens Aesthetic-Aliens Dec 30, 2016
That's like all fangirls dream to do, is to spend two weeks with the Cameron Alexander Dallas and get to wear his clothes and Netflix and chill. WITH PIZZA
colourtroyeblonde colourtroyeblonde Aug 24, 2016
Nash, he loves you.
                              We know you ain't a homophobe, y'all love each other forever so get your bitch asses back together your best friends
magconisbae2468 magconisbae2468 Sep 27, 2016
I guessed that when he was saying goodbye to him I thought I bet something will happen to him on the plane...