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Second Chances // Julian Edelman by marssss_
Second Chances // Julian Edelmanby marssss_
After Kelsey gets her heart broken by the love her life, Julian Edelman, she picks herself up to follow her dreams of becoming a singer & a model. She moves on & only fo...
Lollipop by gizmo1220
Lollipopby gizmo
Legend Fanfiction. Krays x Reader I was partly a gangster. I also do good business on the side to make the family happy. I was born in London. A place where no one shou...
Just friends?  by laura2786
Just friends? by laura2786
Laura is a 28 year old girl living in London she lives in an apartment on her own and works in a local bookshop she grew up with tom hardy who is now a quite famous acto...
all of me   •tom brady• by bradyx
all of me •tom brady•by casey
Everyone knows the story. Tom meets Olivia. They fall in love. They live happily ever after. Right? Wrong.
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from a shelby to a solomons by annnnnnnnnnnnnie
from a shelby to a solomonsby annie
in which the shelby sister courts london mob boss, alfie solomons, just to make her brothers mad
Everything Changes by freddiefreemanordie
Everything Changesby Madz
Taylor Brady is Tom Brady's younger sister, an aspiring pediatric cancer doctor, who has a love for football and people. Julian Edelman, wide receiver/ punt returner fo...
Peaky Blinders Imagines & Preferences by TremaineKatie
Peaky Blinders Imagines & Ktremaine0637
Peaky Blinders Imagines includes: - Tommy Shelby - Alfie Solomon - Arthur Shelby - John Shelby - Michael Gray - Finn Shelby - Isaiah Jesus - Luca Changretta I am also...
Tom hardy one shots   by izzywood03
Tom hardy one shots by izzywood03
A collection of random Tom hardy one shots because there isn't enough.
Golden by Ninergal
Goldenby Ana
*mature content warning* (Just a cute Jimmy Garoppolo fanfic) The truth is Jimmy you scare me because you're exactly what everyone told me I would never get. Some part o...
Makeup for Tom Hardy by tomhardylover555
Makeup for Tom Hardyby Tomhardylover55555
Sydney just got the dream job of her life as a personal makeup artist for the movie Warrior. And when the star Tom hardy's makeup artist quits she is offered the opportu...
NFL IMAGINES by hannahh_rose19
NFL IMAGINESby hannahh_rose19
Have you ever wanted to meet Aaron Rodgers? Marry Tom Brady? Or even kiss JJ Watt? Well now you can!!! These imagines are written by me, and so are the scenarios. I don'...
Peaky Blinders Imagines   by XdrapetomaniaX
Peaky Blinders Imagines by ✨✨
*UNDER EDITING* Imagines for your favourite Shelby family (and Alfie!)
Devil | A Solomons by manhattansunset
Devil | A Solomonsby eva
"I didn't think the Devil walked among us until I met you." [mature themes throughout]
Another Paradise | T Shelby by manhattansunset
Another Paradise | T Shelbyby eva
"There wasn't a single second that passed that I wasn't thinking about you." [mature themes throughout]
I WON'T MIND ( - michael gray ) by -aprilshowers
I WON'T MIND ( - michael gray )by 「 molly 」
don't look around cause love is blind and darling right now I can't see you michael gray x fem! oc peaky blinders
From a streetkid to a Peaky Blinder (Peaky Blinders) by Arch-Angel-Ollie
From a streetkid to a Peaky Arch-Angel-Ollie
FINISHED! Fievel or Filly is a 6 year old who lives on the dirty streets in Birmingham. He is very smart and sneaky. Having to live on the streets he has survived by ste...
The One and Only (OC Athlete X Celebrities) by SheluvDashian
The One and Only (OC Athlete X SheluvDashian
After winning 4 state championships back to back with the Woodlawn Panthers, eighteen-year-old Chase Maloahi became the most popular and highly-rated recruit in history...
The boy that crawls (Peaky Blinders) by Arch-Angel-Ollie
The boy that crawls (Peaky Arch-Angel-Ollie
FINISHED! Even as a cripple Theodore "Theo" was feared and respected by his peers. With his strong character Theo doesn't let his dissability bring him down. B...
Survive [Mad Max: Fury Road] by UnderMySkin
Survive [Mad Max: Fury Road]by S.
COMPLETED #24 in Action [September 11, 2015] One woman's story of survival in the Wasteland that was once known as Earth. From Immortan Joe's prized Breeder to Nomad, fo...