Lion's Den - MIL third book #3 | VKook [Completed] (boyxboy)

Lion's Den - MIL third book #3 | VKook [Completed] (boyxboy)

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Terese Løvlien • 테스 By N_Monster Completed

Finally they were happily married; they had everything they wanted. Jungkook worked his dream job at a dream place where he was happy at, and Taehyung quit his fashion job to write more, and possibly release a book. 
However, something happened. An accident to be exact, and it changed their life forever. Something they couldn't avoid. Something they had to live with, and couldn't change. Nothing. 
They had to find a way to live through it, but it became harder every day, and they had to do everything they could to stay alive, to stay strong, and to stay together... 

WARNING: This is a boyxboy story, also known as yaoi, and if you're not comfortable with that, then please do leave. Negative comments about that subject will be removed. Thank you! 

Hello guys! Thank you so much for clicking on this story, and hopefully you'll be interested enough to read it ^^ This book is the third book of my "series" as we can call it, where the first book is Man In Love, then the sequel Cold Love, and now this third book Lion's Den. 
The title Lion's Den, I got the idea from an artist, Jhameel, who has a song called Lion's Den, and it's really good. It also inspired me to make this book as well as my imagination flew away. 
There's also a spin off called "Park Jimin's life", so I hope you'll read that as well~ 
Anyways, enough of my speech, and I'll let you continue to read. Thank you guys for supporting my books, and I look forward for your support to this one as well. Have a lovely day/good night everyone; I love you and continue to stay awesome! xx

Rosario_A_I Rosario_A_I May 03, 2016
Yes yes!! Yessss!!! You just finished one book and now you started one!!! Omg you're the nest
chimkookk chimkookk May 04, 2016
CANT WAITTTT !! this story is really good srysly its like im in a roler coaster of feels :v
AriMagik AriMagik May 08, 2016
I'm so excited! I love it  already! Looking forward to next chapter.
                              I've never touched my screen so hard and fast as when I saw that the third book was published. This series will forever be my favourite.I love you author <3
DrawingMemories DrawingMemories May 04, 2016
OH MY GOD!!! Like whaaatt
                              OHHH I CANNOT WAIT
                               ...this sounds really serious and pretty sad tho ;-;
TaeSwift1 TaeSwift1 May 12, 2016
OMG this is gonna be epic like the previous two books I'm so excited ^^
                              But I really miss Yoongi ;__; he's my hubby after all ;__;  and Yoonmin too ;__; but anyways, this is great!!!
nicecupoftae nicecupoftae Jun 26, 2016