Heartless : (a Nico di Angelo, chaos fanfiction)

Heartless : (a Nico di Angelo, chaos fanfiction)

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Koykoy_ONLY By Koykoy_ONLY Updated Oct 14, 2016

He was once a hero.
Although he is loyal, he is considered an outcast, to himself and to others.
Nevertheless, he may not know it, they may not believe, but his soul is pure.
Even after all he's been through, his soul remains untainted.
He thought that his fatal flaw was holding grudges.
He never realized how wrong he was.
He may be a son of hades but he have no desire for revenge. 
Even at the face of death he would fight just for the ones he love. For his fatal flaw is family and there is no force on earth that can be a threat for his family and it will remain as so, for as long as he lives.
His whole life, he has faced many horrors, not even the gods had been through.
All of that changes in one, faithful day.
The day he was rejected. The day he was abandoned by the one person who caught his heart. The day he was betrayed by the ones he thought were family.
He may be used to being alone, but betrayal from the one great love he thought was dead had killed his heart. He had been reduced to a heartless warrior as his heart was stolen and stabbed by his own sword.
After all the sacrifices he have done, the Fates hadn't deemed it enough.

But that was the past.
That was seventy thousand years ago.
He may have learned to move on, but by doing so, he let his emotions shut down.
Now he is only a warrior.
Gone was the hero they once befriended and loved and, though for only a short period of time, accepted as their own.
Now he is only a shell. A shell of shadows full of darkness. A heartless angel, hell bound.

What if the Void, father to Chaos and Order, the most powerful being in existence, will rise?
What if the heartless will have to go back to earth and face his past in order to save existence itself?

What if the upcoming war is actually the least of his worries?


First book in the Creation of Darkness Trilogy

Discaimer: I do not own PJO and HOO nor do I own any of the characters exept for possible OC's that I may create.

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