The Good Girl & The Badass (Editing)

The Good Girl & The Badass (Editing)

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Charlotte Smith is:                                                  
-Sarcastic (very)                                                   
-Strange (most of the time)                                    
-A good girl (most definitely)                                                       

Andrew Kingsley on the other hand is:                   
-Hot (very)                                                              
-A player (most of the time)                                    
-A badass (Hell yeah)                                                       

What happens when they end up living together?          
They'll be getting new friends, fun times, jealousy and possibly love.         There's a lot in store for these two.             

Read to find out!!!                                                     

Cover by: timothyjrt

*This book is currently in the process of being edited. Whenever a chapter is edited it will be stated beside it. The editing may not be perfect but once I edited the whole book to a more satisfying version of it for me, I shall go back and re-edit it once again*

When ppl ask me this I don't even know the answer when I'm in trouble I don't know which thing I'm in trouble for
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I'd be like i didn't get caught and my dad'll be like that's my gurl
zeelee1245 zeelee1245 Aug 21, 2016
Well people are like "how did she not know " ummmm some last names are common af like Johnson, brown but never heard a Kingsley but ig