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We'll Kiss Again

We'll Kiss Again

176K Reads 5.8K Votes 31 Part Story
Alisha By luvitgirl Completed

Ashley doesn't expect to ever meet the sweet, shy, boy who lived on her street ever again after he moves. So what happens when he comes back and turns out to be the school's biggest player? Girls can't resist him, boys envy him, and Ashley...well, Ashley's just wondering why he's so interested in her. And what happens when everything is going perfectly and suddenly his gorgeous friend Emma shows up? Suddenly a twist that no one will suspect pops up and shocks everyone when they least expect it. READ AND VOTE AND COMMENT!

KTLata KTLata Nov 12, 2015
at least she doesn't freaking use her phone while driving. like brush, saying hi or love you can wait till you get to your destination.
KTLata KTLata Nov 12, 2015
awww he's way too cute.......but his mother's probably still alive searching their living room for that necklace.
KTLata KTLata Nov 12, 2015
awww he's too cute! I only know one guy like that but he's taken.
writer_overboard writer_overboard Nov 02, 2014
HAH! Around that age in time (four or five years old), I was taller than most the boys my age. It was really funny until puberty kicked in and they got tall. Now I can't call anyone shorty!
letgoofthejarjimmy letgoofthejarjimmy Oct 01, 2014
HateIsTheEnemyOfLove HateIsTheEnemyOfLove Aug 09, 2014
Aww oh my god this is adorable! I have a boyfriend called Asher XD hes actually got blonde hair and brown eyes... He's really really hot.. Now enough about my bæ LETTUCE READ!! Lettuce, get it? Like 'let us'.. No? Okay... Bye