It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 1 - Highschool  [COMPLETE!]

It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 1 - Highschool [COMPLETE!]

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Riela or Yra (Aira) By Riela_pollie Completed

Leah Valley, whose life started with secrets and lies, has an arch-nemesis. A childhood friend name Stephen Tylline. Because of him, she has never been able to beat him and take his number one spot as the school's top student. 

Refusing to accept the fact that he's better than her, she challenges him in bid to take the number one spot. But she always fail and remained in 2nd place. Everyday, they would argue and bicker like children. It went on until one day..

Things began to change the moment Stephen kissed her. The seed of love he planted a long time ago, it began to grow slowly in Leah's heart like a blossoming flower. But, that's not the only thing that's growing in Leah.

© 2010 Riela Pollie

Reviewed by Celebrity Dirty Laundry 10.25.10 :)

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x_xDarkAngelx_x x_xDarkAngelx_x Oct 25, 2017
When I think if PE I feel like putting a gun to my head 
                              That's how much I hate it 😂😂😐😐
ViNguyen454 ViNguyen454 Dec 03, 2017
He probs has the hots for you now that he's grown up, and appreciates a girl that isnt a slut
smallz4 smallz4 Jul 04, 2017
*snorts* yeah like a kid can run the school and no teacher has any say in what he does 👈this lil thug 😂
Mothertrucker_dude Mothertrucker_dude Dec 02, 2017
 #rr only re reading this book never read the others. Beeded a refresher
Pananada Pananada Feb 11, 2017
Wish my mum would be this careful with her words. But, alas, that life is not meant for me. Sadly. Very, very, sadly.
ClareBoi ClareBoi Nov 18, 2018
I sang every word of that then. I probs sounded like I was dying, but I sang it...