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Catnip [romance]

Catnip [romance]

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♡helena morgenstern♡ By soigne- Updated May 02

Meet Freya Beauregard; a 24-year-old from a wealthy and well-known family and a hopeless romantic with failed relationships in the past, but she knows the one constant in her life- cats. She owns a cat café called Mocha Whiskers at the Upper East Side of New York, where the main attractions are exotic and common cats alike, sharing her love of felines with other animal lovers like her.
    And then there's Nathaniel 'Nathan' Coleman; goodlooking, owns a successful company at 27, a man many women chase after and pretty much also comes from a wealthy and well-known family too, but there's a stark difference- he hates animals, especially felines. That, he can't get over. 
    But when his friend tricks him into ending up at Freya's cat café instead of the hottest nightclub in town, things heat up for the worst. 
    First things first: Freya doesn't trust people who hate cats.
    Secondly: Nathan doesn't like how ironically comparable the crazy café owner can be to a dog, preferably a female one.
    Unfortunately, there's an attraction that neither can resist- like catnip to cats. A cat's reaction is unpredictable upon its first exposure to catnip; whether there will be a mellow calmness or an aggression with no cause at all. One thing's for sure is that it's irresistible, and neither Freya nor Nathan would have an idea of their reaction...

HollyJBlock HollyJBlock Apr 04, 2016
I saw your book in my suggestions box, it looks so adorable. I love books like this.  This is the cutest summary that I've ever laid eyes on. So adorable!
Winter__Fall Winter__Fall Dec 07, 2016
It reminds me of myself bribing my brother to do some work because I was feeling lazy.
TastyWater TastyWater Dec 08, 2016
it's like me and my mom 
                              me: "i'll do everything for two days, just let me go to blá-blá-blá"
                              mom: "two weeks and you're ok"
Winter__Fall Winter__Fall Dec 07, 2016
His speech kinda makes me feel like he had a cat in the past.
_katt_y _katt_y Jan 23
Yea because the cats yell at her and threaten her like my dad does, yea sure buddo
Mystery_Girl191 Mystery_Girl191 Apr 07, 2016
I love this book already, keep going. I absolutely love cats and same as Freya, I'm suspicious of anyone who hates cats. 
                              Good luck, best wishes