My Rugged Alpha (BWWM)

My Rugged Alpha (BWWM)

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Brittany By breeari27 Updated Dec 26, 2017

I've given up on the idea of love.
It's not like some magical dude is going to pop up out of nowhere.
So as of right now I'm content as I am. Alone. -Naomi

I'm sick of these girls chasing me. They don't want anything good from me. They want status. They want a fantasy. These women these days are more like little girls. I sound bitter I know. I wouldn't say bitter just a jaded romantic at heart.-Gavin

Who would have known these two cross paths?

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  • interracial
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  • werewolf
Buttakupu Buttakupu Sep 12, 2017
Hahaha that's me all the way🤣 i love my oreos & I hate when the break!
Aria_1903 Aria_1903 Aug 07, 2017
Considering the difference in high I thought it would be more like his hips to her stomach.
Marie-Ping Marie-Ping Oct 26, 2017
I'm loving this book already😍 I'm 5'0 in height and my hubby is 6'7. What can i say, I love them tall 😆
SpiderCat426 SpiderCat426 Sep 08, 2017
How did no one notice like is everyone just like "oh kidnappings happens on a regular here"
XxlollythestriplerxX XxlollythestriplerxX Aug 20, 2017
He honestly deserves that slap lmao, he still hot though, and I ship them hard
jinxyrae jinxyrae Sep 16, 2017
I love me some tall guys. I'm 5'1 and from experience I think they were first in line when God was giving out