White wolf #Wattys2016

White wolf #Wattys2016

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Cris_Wolfe By Cris_Wolfe Completed

"Yeah? Prove it." I spat at the wolf. 

'He's telling the truth, you don't feel the power coming off of him?' My wolf whimpered. Oh shit. 

The black wolf looked me over the it's eyes went wide. 

"I'm mated to a white wolf?" He asked in disbelief. I rolled my green eyes. What is he color blind? 

"Maybe" I said sarcastically. 

"What's your name." The wolf growled. 

"What's yours? Mr.Alpha?" I asked sweetly with a edge of get the hell off. I don't know if he noticed though. 

"Colton Waters, alpha of the Black Ices pack, one of the most powerful packs in the world. You are?" My breath was caught in my throat. 

If you have a problem with cussing, or sexual content this story is not for you.

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I think you have a great plot. Keep going! It's interesting so far.
That's too harsh for anyone who gave birth to you no matter what they did . If not for them, you wouldn't even be here
StormyAllen4 StormyAllen4 Dec 26, 2016
Honestly I'd prefer them being safe than sorry. Hell I'll buy the damn condoms for her knowing I'm making sure I'm not a young grandma