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I fell in love with a Killer

I fell in love with a Killer

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Clarvonia Hallow (Yaoi/Horror/Romance....Everything on the side) By ClarvoniaHallow Updated Nov 15, 2016

This is a Yaoi and horror. There's gonna be a lot of lemons in this so be prepared and a lot of gore woop, enjoy

Romefire15 Romefire15 Jan 15
Ur adopted
                              It's impossible for a child to have light coloured hair when their parents have dark. But who knows
seraph_of_yaoi seraph_of_yaoi Aug 05, 2016
But why??? I would die to have natural silver hair. I think it's so cool!!
ilovepeas ilovepeas Dec 08, 2016
I'm 15 and I haven't had a boyfriend or my first kiss!
                              I had two crushes, let's not talk about that 😥
I don't think he has albinism. In Anime anything is possible
Six_ways_sideways Six_ways_sideways Nov 30, 2016
At my school people would only love you for your hair and how short you are because short people are adorable and not very common at my school
Yaoi_lover_OuO Yaoi_lover_OuO May 23, 2016
Now this is not how most families would deal with this, they would either go to the school and talk to a consoler, or they would let him dye his hair.