Natsu's weakness

Natsu's weakness

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What if...
when Natsu first got to the Fairy Tail guild he never trusted anyone except Master Makarov and Guildarts. 

What'll happen when Lucy comes into the picture? 

He doesn't trust anyone and lives his life wondering where Igneel is. He's considered mean and evil. Nobody knows squat about him but he knows everything about everyone except the new girl.

- - Nov 11, 2016
Happy: I'm really lonely-
                              Cana: HERPYHERPDERPDERP!!!
                              Happy: GODDAMMIT it Cana can you listen to my life problems?
I am okay with this. This is fine. Just means I get more Lisanna.
fangirlwoman123 fangirlwoman123 Aug 25, 2016
Nope! He is a...
                              MANLY MANLY MANLIEST MAN ON ALL OF EARTH LAND!!!!
FTp_orn14 FTp_orn14 Mar 01, 2016
Innocent child- hi! How are you? 
                              Natsu- stare.
Ashengray Ashengray Feb 15
Honestly I think he could beat Erza. I kind of hate her for the whole: "Natsu is so behind and I'm so much more powerful than him" thing.