Fairy Tail: I will protect you ❂ Nalu

Fairy Tail: I will protect you ❂ Nalu

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There are many silver keys and 12 gold keys. Celestial spirit mages carry these keys with respect and pride. Lucy Heartfilla is a holder of ten gold keys and five silver keys. 

After the Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail is settling down with there win, with the dragons and the games. 

But something is rattling inside Lucy's mind. Little does she know that the dragons awoke a legendary Mage from long ago, Dartin. He is set out to take control of Fiore. But he must eliminate the Mages that can stop him, Celestial spirit mages. Dartin starts with the powerful ones, like Lucy Heartfilla.

On her last job she gets separated from the team, only to discover her destiny and find the things that could stop him,

The 8 diamond keys, representing the planets.

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KinanaMisoTayaki KinanaMisoTayaki May 12, 2017
... at least hear what its about?
                              What if it was asking you to be sacrifices to the devil?
KinanaMisoTayaki KinanaMisoTayaki May 12, 2017
Omg dumplings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              I literally have 300 of them in my freezer!
StarkCave StarkCave Aug 16, 2017
Jeez Lucy didn't anyone ever tell you- you can't open presents early!
_Lonely_Potato_ _Lonely_Potato_ Jun 10, 2017
What the hell did those dumpling have in them? Crack? Weed? Cocaine? Marijuana?
luvjoonie luvjoonie Jun 14, 2017
just need some dis to go with that aster 
                              no no we don't just seeing who gets it!