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Open Your Eyes by Duck_Ninja
Open Your Eyesby YA BOI IZUKU
When Lisanna and Natsu start dating, Lucy doesn't know how to feel. She knows she loves him, but, she wants him to be happy. So, she plasters the same fake smile on ever...
  • evil-lisanna
  • fanfiction
  • natsu
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The Fairies' Revenge [COMPLETED] by thecrazyanimegurl
The Fairies' Revenge [COMPLETED]by 𝓼𝓷𝓸𝔀
Lucy and Wendy are sitting at the guild's bar talking to Mira, then suddenly, Natsu, Lissana, Gray, and Erza walk up to them and tell Wendy and Lucy that they're off the...
  • love
  • wendy
  • carla
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Friendzoned ( Graylu fanfic ) by Lucy_Heartifilia25
Friendzoned ( Graylu fanfic )by Lucy Heartifilia
Friendzone Bruhhh !!! @lucyheartifilla @dontplaymejustkissme Graylu and Lyvia Fanpage Have you ever had a crush that doesnt like you back but at the end when you like...
  • fairytail
  • idonotownfairytail
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Fled From Fairy Tail by iiapparitionii
Fled From Fairy Tailby Apparition
Lucy's been shunned by the guild she once called home after her losses in the Grand Magic Games. Now all of her guild and Fiore see her as a weak mage, a disgrace to th...
  • natsu
  • graylu
  • mirajane
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Melt | A GraLu Fic by MeWantCandy
Melt | A GraLu Ficby everyone
[Melt, but a Re-Write] She was betrayed by the one closest to her heart, and she swore she wanted nothing more to do with him. She disappeared off the face of the earth...
  • grayxlucy
  • mira
  • erza
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Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~ by Swordfighterxl
Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~by Cake-chan
82 main chapters 3 special chapters 1 teaser chapter 7 authors note 3 contest chapters This is a Lucy Harem. And the book is an AU. Also, as the story goes, the chara...
  • fanfiction
  • jelu
  • nalu
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Fairy Tail - We're Back by fairytail_bunny
Fairy Tail - We're Backby fairytail_bunny
I didn't draw the cover, I just got two pictures from the anime and added the writing. I don't own any of the characters either. Only the story idea xx After leaving Fa...
  • graylu
  • fanfic
  • lucyxgray
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An Icy Fetish? - GrayLu by haunted-by-the-past
An Icy Fetish? - GrayLuby Allison
Gray notices that Lucy is always acting strangely around day, he decides to figure out why. And when he does, what he finds out comes as a complete surprise fo...
  • bwahahahahahaaaa
  • fairytail
  • grayfullbuster
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Lucy Heartfilia Picture Book by Levi_Girlfriend
Lucy Heartfilia Picture Bookby Feminist 101
  • pictures
  • anime
  • graylu
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What About Us? //Graylu Story by xskywynejonesx
What About Us? //Graylu Storyby xskywynejonesx
Natsu and Lisanna have been dating for over a year now and so have Juvia and Lyon. Gray and Lucy have been taking mini jobs with each other and are very close you could...
  • jerza
  • fairytail
  • miraxus
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Stranded | Lucy Harem | Lucy x Various  by Um_ItsPc
Stranded | Lucy Harem | Lucy x Aja Chan~
"Lucy NO!" "Luce..." The 8 mages Sting, Rogue, Laxus, Gray, Natsu, Jellal, Gajeel, and Lucy all get stranded on an abandoned island in the middle of...
  • lucyxlyon
  • wattys2018
  • lucyxrogue
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She's Mine! • Harem by FairyLucyNamiPiece
She's Mine! • Haremby Phoenix & Dragon
Lucy Harem! Lucy Heartfilia is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet and hey, you could even be her new best friend within minutes! Just..don't wish for a development in y...
  • sticy
  • julu
  • heartfilia
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Knight in No Armor by dxnime
Knight in No Armorby danime
Lucy has been acting weird around her friends lately. Everyone noticed, especially a certain Ice Mage who has special feelings for our favorite Celestial Mage. Something...
  • natsu
  • grayfullbuster
  • lucy
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FAIRY TAIL ACADEMY by wherefairieslive
FAIRY TAIL ACADEMYby wherefairieslive
Dive deep into the High School World of the Fairy Tail characters in this story and enjoy the story as the characters realise the perks of being High School Students! Ba...
  • jerza
  • hate
  • nalu
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I have fallen for you || Graylu Fanfic || Fairy Tail || by chlxoe78
I have fallen for you || Graylu Hi Im Chloe
~ I have fallen for you ~ I'm Gray Fullbuster, and this is my story of how I have fallen for this special girl who holds the keys of my heart, the one who hunts my thoug...
  • lucy
  • fairytailforlife
  • grayxlucy
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Torn  | NaLu + GrayLu + LoLu by Lucy4wife
Torn | NaLu + GrayLu + LoLuby LUCY OWNS ME
A certain takeover mage stabs Lucy to death. They've been ignoring Lucy for weeks feeding into the lies the mage told them, but now everyone mourns her. But she is not d...
  • loke
  • graylufanfiction
  • fairytail
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Moments with Little Gray by clouds_tear
Moments with Little Grayby clouds_tear
What happens when Natsu accidentally read another weird looking text on their way home from a job and Gray suffers the consequences? What will a certain blonde do when s...
  • grucy
  • gracy
  • lucyheartfilia
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Long Road by Jole_W
Long Roadby JW
Disclaimer- I do not own fairy Tale, nor the photos, but do own the story. You have to read it to find out what happens...(GrayLu)
  • fairytail
  • graylu
  • lucyheartfilia
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Mixed fairy tail lemons also many other anime ships too hope you enjoy I tried by Blackkissedrose
Mixed fairy tail lemons also Hentaiqueenxx
This is going to be lots of graylu and rolu and stinglu lemons I don't own fairytail hiro Mashima does thank you enjoy and also other manga ships enjoy 😍😍😍
  • stinglu
  • erlu
  • midlu
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Twisted in Pain (Graylu) by hannahDy21
Twisted in Pain (Graylu)by 12midnight dreams
"I wish it all started with Gray Fullbuster. Not with Natsu Dragneel", I whispered silently to my self as I blew my birthday candle. Im 16 now and now I vanish...
  • twistedplot
  • graylu
  • fanfiction
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