Married to the Devil

Married to the Devil

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blackbureau By blackbureau Updated Oct 21

I was in shock. No way. How could this have happened?

Everyone has a drunk story to tell, I just didn't think mine would involve marrying Derek Carter.
I looked back at Evelyn's smug face smirking at my misery. She handed me a sheet of paper. 

"I'm so happy for you Kate."She said.

I ignored her sudden false affection towards me, grasping at the paper.

"What's this?"

Evelyn flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder and gave me a dazzling smile.
" It's the contract you signed the night of your marriage," she walked towards me and grabbed my hands in her cold, clammy palms, "If you divorce him then I can legally sue you for 1 million dollars.

My eyes widened in shock, I glanced over at Derek, his expression was worse than mine.

Evelyn turned on her heel and sashayed out the door, " Congratulations you two! "

I stared at her walk away as the truth sunk in, I had married my worst enemy. What had I done?

hgrhln hgrhln Feb 21
Well nice start there. The past and present format worked for me was not confusing though. Nice story by the way
Good chapter...I git a little confused about the issues between Derek and Kate but now I am good...
                              The grammar is not bad...way better than mine ;)
- - Jan 11
Interesting start, I can definitely relate to the little sister part. Nice work!
angelyntjf angelyntjf Jan 08
This is a really nice read! While I absolutely loved your descriptions, I find some sentences slightly redundant and that kind of spoils the flow of the chapter. I really do love the light feel to this chapter though. I can't wait to read more :D
Your grammar and diction is rather good. The plot is interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The past and present thing is interesting as well. Great chapter. :)
Stubborn_Soul Stubborn_Soul Dec 31, 2015
Loved it! When you started with 'No perfect guys' and stuff, I thought she would have a bad past with heartbreak but you surprised me with a boyfriend and that too a sweet one at it. This ride is gonna be full of surprises :)