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Rise Of The Elements

Rise Of The Elements

2.9K Reads 197 Votes 27 Part Story
delaware By smartone12 Completed

((WARNING! This book is a very old version of my writing and it has many plot holes. Read if you'd like but my better story is The Story With No Name)) 

After the death of his brother Virgil, Aquarius Foster's life is turned upside down. He gets in a horrible accident and wake up in a strange headquarters. It turns out he's different. He has powers. Control over an element. Water. 

There hasn't been someone who could control water in years! Aquarius is just the person they needed. He teams up with a few other people there. Oliver, Vlad, Lindy, Tara, and Cedric. Together they must stop a man named Eclipse. He wants to take their powers and use them for evil.

But there's more secrets to Aquarius's friends and the headquarters then they thought to be.

(First Book In The Elements Trilogy)

  • abnormal
  • action
  • adventure
  • elements
  • love