Elements #Wattys2015

Elements #Wattys2015

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"He likes your curves. Rightfully claims you as his... in his mind." Asher now speaks staring at the golden boy. I carefully peek through my lashes to find him still looking at me. "Are you jealous?" I dare to ask. 

He sits back at the wall staring at me. He runs his eyes down my body and slowly smirks. "Yes,"

"Good," I say digging my fork into the pasta. I then place the pasta into the carrots... Playing with my food. I have been scolded for this many times when I was back in the Ordinary world. Now there is no one to do that for me. Asher comes closer to me and I could sense the burnt wood in him. I smile as he wraps his arms around me. "Your mine. Only I can look at you that way. Only I can touch you. Only I can kiss you. Understand?" He asks me. 

I nod. He places a kiss on my lips and a kiss on my collarbone. "Good," 

I peek at my lashes again to find golden boy looking elsewhere. Coward. 
There are special people in the world. They call them elements. They don't have super powers there just... Special. They have something no ordinary human have. Yet, they don't know it until they reach the age of eighteen. Their birth are special. All corresponding to nature and it's element. Many are rare some are common. But not everyone is an element. Some are Ordinary. But there are some elements that are not meant to mix. Fire and water. The only elements that won't go. But when Asher and Sky meet it is a new challenge.
Sky try's her best to avoid Asher. But what happens when Asher crosses her line? What happens when Skylar's secret leaks through the entire Elemental world. Will Asher be able to save her? Or was it Ashers fault in the first place?

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kimg03 kimg03 Mar 25
Best looking idk about that element has a source of beauty you can’t categorize them for being born under the fire element that just annoys people
kimg03 kimg03 Mar 25
Okay wait if she is going to be a water sign can we please make her a badass I
kimg03 kimg03 Mar 25
You know I understand fire is the must dangerous and tuff sign but can we at least make water the most badass come one give them props they need it 😂😂❤️
kimg03 kimg03 Mar 25
Hello fellow Scorpios I feel like they’re a mystery so meh
sammoakes sammoakes Jun 04, 2017
Not why are they trying to take me? I'm an element? Is this why I'm different? No. "I wonder what we're eating today?" I'm dead
kpopasshole kpopasshole Apr 10, 2017
Do they have great eyes? No! 
                              *starts to think if being a water element is actually good*
                              Are they super rare? No! 
                              *confirms thoughts*