Pentalements [COMPLETED]

Pentalements [COMPLETED]

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Steven Steel By StevenSteel Completed

When five normal teenagers are cursed with the Elements of the Pentagon, they suddenly find themselves wielded with the most powerful weapon they could have ever imagined—they can destroy the world. Gathered under the evil scheming of Professor Vladislav, the Pentalements will only need the cosmic energy radiated from the Caesarean Comet before the Elements inside them will break loose and take control over their very bodies. By then, apocalypse would have made its descent to Earth, and subsequently marks the annihilation of humankind. 

Thus, when the Lead Element, Lightning, triggers an atomic-bomb ferocity explosion in Detroit and killing himself in the process, Nathan, the Fire Element, knows that he has to act. After two years of hiding and concealing his identity, Nathan embarks on a journey in search of the remaining three Elements. To make things worse, he has both the FBI and the army hot on his tail, not to mention the evil Prof Vlad who might show up at any moment and have him abducted. 

Will Nathan manage to gather with the remaining Elements in order to survive the multiple threats targeted at them? Will the Pentalements succeed in defeating the Elements within their body and stop Prof Vlad from destroying the world? Or would they succumb to the ecstasy and invulnerability of giving in to their Elements? 

Flip the page to have all your answers solved, and get thrilled to your roots by the amazing and action-packed adventure that awaits you in this novel!

Note: I wrote this novel when I was 16 and self-published it, so any comments, preferably constructive ones, are gladly appreciated! As this is my first book, the style and quality isn't as good as what I wanted it to be, so if you want to check out some of my more recent works, try "Someone's In My Head". It's way better than this. ;)

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narryobsession_1D narryobsession_1D Sep 05, 2016
So excited to read another outstanding work of yours. 😉 I assume this, journey is gonna have many twists and ups and down so I better secure myself with a seat belt.
AryanGupta7 AryanGupta7 Apr 20, 2016
Soo much mistakes.. Even someone's in my head look even more better than this... Sorry but let's see what'll happen..
otakumasters otakumasters Aug 04, 2016
Bitch how did he steal that height...  Im only a puny 5ft5 and im a fifteen year old boy😢😭😭😭😭😭
zacgrah zacgrah Mar 10, 2016
I tough harry potter was doing all this untill the onyx scare
- - Mar 25, 2016
Tsk, tsk, tsk, Mr. Lavaman. Shouldn't have ate so many Skittles.
abitofaParadox abitofaParadox Dec 15, 2015
In ancient times, the Japanese used to blacken their teeth because they thought it meant they were more beautiful that way. Maybe he's Japanese