The 12 Elementals

The 12 Elementals

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Yet again Darkness is hungry for a war to end it all, but Light will always have troops at the ready. One girl. One kingdom. Eleven friends. Four Elements. No biggie.


   Ever heard that dumb emo saying, "you know my name, not my story"? Well that has become a philosophy of mine. 

   Yo, I'm Melody, hybrid freak, nice to meet you, strange muggle who I know nothing about. I used to be like you, cluelessly ignorant and uninvolved with the outside world.    You know, they have a big, yellow ball of gas in the sky. Weird. 

   Anyway my life became something out of a bad Si-Fi movie, and no, Nicolas Cage isn't in it (sadly). 

   There are two forces in the world, Light and Darkness, and when you side with Light, Darkness gets a stick up its ass and wants you to suffer. My friends and I, we roll with Light, you must know where that leads....

    I have a kingdom to learn, powers to master, loud friends to keep in line, a boy that I'm messed up over, and above it all, Darkness to show whose boss.

   Not as easy as you might think, but this is MY story, and I know how it ends.

   Being a loyal follower of Light shows me the beauty in life and the devastation it can cause. Dont get me wrong, I love Light, but Darkness makes it hard to stay and fight.


   Melody is weird. She's childish. She's awkward. And she's got boy issues she needs to work out. 

   Mel will face evil like no other, but can she do it? Will the scales of Light and Darkness finally be tipped? How can one girl make a difference? 

   This is Melody, a corky teenager, and she wants you to read her story. Like now. Enjoy!

    Highest rank- #69 in Fantasy (Still cant believe it!!)

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Ishimaru_ Ishimaru_ Dec 23, 2017
I have no favorite cousins cuz they’re either like five or twenty
daelan_kaye daelan_kaye Jul 29, 2017
😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 I like this "Kyle" allready
WalkingDownTheDoor WalkingDownTheDoor Jan 21, 2017
True to that, Mel, but remove the favourite cousin part I'm more of hanging out with my older cousins
NotSoCreativeUnicorn NotSoCreativeUnicorn Jan 30, 2017
Yeah tree pretzels made of cars don't taste all that good. Don't recommend
OpenBooks-NOTLEGS OpenBooks-NOTLEGS Dec 13, 2015
Realized I never got around to commenting, so that is what I will do now!!
darklife7 darklife7 Nov 29, 2015
Melody sounds like an interesting girl. I'd already like her.