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This is a story of Aisha a girl who lives in India and Addy a boy who lives in New York.

AISHAs Dad is counted as worlds10th richest man on earth and ADDYs Dad is counted as 8th richest man on earth. both of their wifes are friends and know each other quite well.what will happen when both the women decides that there children should marry each other. Will they be able to convince both of them for this marriage or this will result in chaos and breaking of friendship between two families.

ADDY a 24 year old businessman 
also know as play boy because he can't be with one girl for more than 1 week and is highly arrogant.his recent girlfriend is fiona who is the only one to last for more than1 week with him. he smokes and drinks and is not so polite.

AISHA a 23
 year old fashion designers who has opened her own famous fashion studio and is known for her good behavior towards other people and smartnes.she didn't had any boyfriend yet.