The Last Sorceress [ON HOLD]

The Last Sorceress [ON HOLD]

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Alyssa Urbano By AerithSage Updated Feb 05, 2014

(NEW VERSION) Aether is a vast realm which is part of the Nine Realms of the Cosmos. It is composed of many smaller kingdoms which is ruled by only one High King.

A prophecy that doomed them all: Aerion and Maegi will fall. King Ferion of the Winter Kingdom will take over and become High King. But a sorcerer from Maegi will one day be his downfall.

Because of this prophecy, King Ferion attacked Maegi and burned everything to the ground. He was also able to defeat the High King and take the throne for himself. But before the High King died, his infant son was sent to the Mortal Realm to hide. And many years later, Sage, the last sorceress and a Princess of Maegi was sent to find the High Prince and restore him to his throne.

She lost all her memories and the only way to bring it back is through the High Prince's magic when he ascends on the throne of Aether. Sage will do everything to get her memories back. She would go on a wild adventure and fight many battles just to remember her life. She knew she'd encounter danger, betrayal, and many other things. But what she hadn't counted on was finding love along the way...

Join Sage and Alexander as they embark on a long and dangerous journey of finding themselves, finding love and freeing their realm from a tyrant King.

***Credits to @DarkLeague for the cover***

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adraxsteia adraxsteia Mar 25, 2016
This book is so awesome so far and I can't wait for updates!
Psychedouttwice Psychedouttwice Mar 25, 2016
Woah... I didn't see this coming... one reread coming right up~
goldenaSoul goldenaSoul Jan 11, 2017
god im not good with eng to read this im gonna cry😭💔the cover amazing😭💕
ThinkingoutLoudxXx ThinkingoutLoudxXx Dec 23, 2014
@Ananymous_12 u just insulted a VERY popular animae. prepare to die.
ThinkingoutLoudxXx ThinkingoutLoudxXx Dec 23, 2014
@Rainy_Designz AVATAR LEGEND OF AANG. and Legend of Korra but who cares about her?
Miss_Aninomity Miss_Aninomity May 25, 2014
i nevr had the chance to read the old one.. hoping this one matapos rin kasi ayokong mabitin..