Enlightened Shadow | Rogue Cheney X OC

Enlightened Shadow | Rogue Cheney X OC

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Ephemeral By JanaRobignon Updated Dec 07, 2019

This story is about tigers and faeries. You might be thinking of a weird zoo, but let me assure you; a zoo isn't even close to the chaos that's about to happen.
I'm the luckiest mage in the entire universe because the impossible happened. My friends, that disappeared for 7 years returned bringing hope with them. They all raised the spirit of everyone that has been left behind, the people that tried their very best to keep Fairy Tail's head above water.
We entered the Grand Magic Games and proved that Fairy Tail is back to the entire world. Along the way, I met new people and made great friends. One sabretooth mage, in particular, found his way through my heart, but every story in its time.

------------ A sample of my writing style ------------------

Yanida stood right in front of Rogue, panting just a little. "So, that's what you mean with 'my ways'." Rogue broke the silence, holding his right hand in front of his mouth clearly hiding a little smile. 
She looked up and held her chin high in the air tilting her head just slightly to the left, exposing the smooth skin on her neck.

"Now you know," she said with a smoky voice, grinning mysteriously. Rogue felt the cold stone texture under his left hand, the one that trapped Yanida and prevented him from coming closer.

Yanida grinned because she knew perfectly how to trap Rogue with her presence. He may be the Shadow Dragon Slayer, but she knew how to enlighten him so he couldn't hide anymore. And somehow that was what Rogue liked about her.