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The Runaway Nerd

The Runaway Nerd

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Sunlene By Sunlene Completed

Meet Sadie Taylor, currently a senior at East High. You can say she is the nerdiest student East High had ever had. She took either advanced placement or honor classes. Sadie always passed every class with an exceptional A. The students of East High ignore her and treat her as if she wasn't even there unless ... they needed her to do their homework. Or their 100,000 word essay that was coming up. Or some project that was due tomorrow. No one sincerely wanted to be her friend which was why she had none and was always alone. 

What will Sadie do when she catches the attention of the most popular boy at school? 

Meet Adam West, a 19-year-old who failed his classes senior year and has to retake them again. Not like that bothered anyone. He was East High's best quarterback. Girls threw themselves at him. Nothing could've been better. But when Adam receives a once in a lifetime chance to join the UCLA as their quarterback, everything is no longer the same. If he doesn't pass his classes this time around, he'll lose the opportunity to join UCLA.

What will happen when Adam learns the identity of the biggest nerd at school?

SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings Jul 09, 2016
If someone did something like that I would be like:
                              Bitch you funny XD anyway, do your own homework done instead of everything that has a dick
😍😍you officially have my permission to marry her, mystery person who might turn out to be a kïller...
iBwittney iBwittney Apr 17, 2016
Like why dont you like try it at least like I bet the teacher like knows like thats not how you write like wtf?
mknc_dejullier01 mknc_dejullier01 Jul 29, 2016
Aren't the teachers going to wonder whom the handwriting belongs to like they have different handwriting so from her
YouInfiredMyHeart YouInfiredMyHeart Jun 30, 2016
bitch i can barely write my own essay you expect me to write yours?  your funny 😂
Aishahxp1 Aishahxp1 Jun 30, 2016
you motherfücker! I bet he just wont her to do her homework and he is playing he likes her. I really hate guys