Stuck  in the Game

Stuck in the Game

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High school, some people love it, some people hate it. Levi is someone who hates it.  She has pretty excellent grades, a good amount a friends but she just cant stand high school. She doesn't get bullied or anything like that, she just kinda goes through life being unnoticed. 
Ky loves high school. Hes the guy everyone knows and loves. What happens when captain of the football team Ky, notices the Levi the girl in the back of the class. But what id hes not the only one whos interested in the shy girl.
Levi isn't used to all this attention from guys. She doesn't believe in in relationships in high school because for her high school just an irrelevant 4 years of dread.

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Rene_0514 Rene_0514 Jul 18, 2017
I just read a story with the name Levi and it's throwing me off so bad right now
omg this person is me 
                              I cant believe I have only read one paragraph and I laugh
cookies_falling cookies_falling Aug 31, 2017
How do u get scholarship for high school ? I thought u get scholarship in high school for college. Hmm. Or is it just me
_supernatural2546_ _supernatural2546_ Mar 05, 2016
I differ about that cuz I thing u guys will, and I mean WILL work out, and that's what I'm hoping for
hemmo1996-_- hemmo1996-_- Jun 23, 2016
I literally saw the tags for this and the fact that one of the tags was "captin" makes me cringe so hard.
hemmo1996-_- hemmo1996-_- Jun 23, 2016
I want a beaten up jeep so bad. But not like wreck beaten up. Like vintage classic looking. But my mum says no because jeeps flip easily -.-