Read My Lips

Read My Lips

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Katie By LoveAtWar Completed

Maisie's deaf, she understands what everyone is saying to her by reading their lips. But, high school wasn't easy for her. Been the new girl is always tough, but when you're deaf it's worse. That one group of 'popular' thought it'd be funny to bully her for both reasons, she's new and she's deaf so how will she know what they're saying?

Then there's Zach. He has his group of friends; they're the 'bad boys' of the year. Everyone's scared of them. So when one day, he sees what these 'popular' people are doing to Maisie, he feels the need to protect her, but Zach, along with the rest of his friends are un-aware that Maisie's deaf. 

So how will they react to finding out that she's deaf? And what happens when someone from Zach's life pops up unexpectedly?

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