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2p England x Reader: Cupcakes and Nightmares (A Hetalia Fanfiction)

2p England x Reader: Cupcakes and Nightmares (A Hetalia Fanfiction)

162K Reads 4.7K Votes 19 Part Story
oliverkirkland By oliverkirkland Completed

Oliver Kirkland is the last person anyone would ever expect to have a love interest. But what happens when he captures you and takes you hostage? Will you be saved? Will he let you go? Or will you come to your end in the hands of the gruesome British 2p?

BuffyAndMe BuffyAndMe Nov 22, 2016
BREATHING IN THE CHEMICALS! No one stated this, so I assumed it was my job to do this.
Strawberry_Cuppycake Strawberry_Cuppycake Oct 15, 2016
Hehe n-not me that's a murderer n-no way! *hides poison bottle and knife*
Seafoam_Dragon Seafoam_Dragon Oct 12, 2016
Me: Arthur...?
                              Oliver: No, no, poppet, my name is Oliver.
                              Me: why are you in my friend's house...?
                              Oliver: I'm making cupcakes!
myfandomsinclude myfandomsinclude Jun 17, 2016
Well 2p England could happen yeah that can happen you good damn idiot
Madweenerdog Madweenerdog Aug 31, 2016
Well one time I heard someone getting jumped by a gang, and another time, someone lit of a firecracker in their car as they drove by, so yes, it could be bad
Zeldafan64 Zeldafan64 Aug 08, 2016
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA! NOPE! *bolts out of house*
                              2p england: grabs my hand
                              2p engalnd: But i love you!
                              Me: inhales
                              Me: IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!